Las Levendas (Twisted Fairytales rp)- Planning and Chat Thread

I feel like Hades would really be annoyed by him, but more like scared of him since Bill would remind him of his past mistakes. He’d probably try to avoid Bill as often as possible, but Bill would keep coming to him for detail about where/who he was.

This is my second character now with a love/hate relationship with a guy named Bill.


AA why does this keep happening?!

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Okay, I love it! I already like them!

Hehe, because it’s the best way type of relationship!

I can’t wait to see its development :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


Mal is approachable :eyes:


Sooooo… can BJ approach Hades :eyes:


Peter: Homicidal Maniac with a ton of issues but still an open book about it-

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He’s at his house right now. Do you want him to leave and head somewhere else?


No, I will just make Bill burst into his house :relieved:


Who wants to come to gothels store? Im posting soon.

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Aurora - I think he would like her and let her help with finding interesting facts about Maleficent. They can sometimes meet for a friendly coffee but I guess that’s it.

Ariel - he thinks there’s something fishy (hehe) going on around her. He doesn’t trust her and he’s observing her moves very carefully.

Cinderella - I think he might now that her husband was abusive and he low-key thinks that she has killed him but because of the lack of evidence, he couldn’t arrest her. Again, he doesn’t trust her but he has a sense of compassion for her. She just thinks that she’s a lost teenage girl that needs some guidance.

Gretel Woods - he just thinks she’s dangerous

Hades - I think he might admire his dedication to work. I don’t think the would talk much with each other (maybe they did when Hook was more into alcohol and was visiting local bars every night). Hook is scared of him but he doesn’t think Hades is evil.

Kaia Gwendolyn - Her new father-figure. I think he would try to help her as much as he can. He would be very thankful that she’s providing them with information about Pan. Due to her personality, he would start loving her as if she was his own daughter. Maybe he would be the only person she truly trusts?

Maleficent - he hates her and wants to take her down as quickly as possible

Mother Gothel - he doesn’t trust her but maybe they might know each other in the past? I don’t know. Do you have any ideas?

Odette Signis - he likes her (and I think that he would be an Odette x Tink shipper). He is thankful that she’s helping them but because he thinks that would be unprofessional (because she’s his worker’s wife) he doesn’t treat her as a friend, just a helpful colleague.

Peter Pan - he thinks that Peter took his son and made him one of his slaves/Lost Boys. He wants to take him down and save his boy. Little does he know, that Peter Pan is actually his lost offspring

Robin Hudson - I don’t know. Do you have any ideas?

Rosemary Cheshier - he finds her suspicious and he doesn’t trust her

Snow King-White - he respects her as a Mayor but he thinks that she’s not good for their town. He knows that she’s untouchable and he tried to be very careful around her.

Tinkerbell Moors - I think he wouldn’t judge her by her past. He would trust her and like her the most from the whole police crew. Even tho, she would remind him of Maleficent, he’s trying to fight this hateful feeling.

Now, do you have any ideas/suggestions?



I love him already~

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I like him too. Arthur is a nice, sad little man who just wants everyone (including himself) to be happy :pleading_face:


Except for Mal.

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Yeah, and Snow White. And all the evil people, basically

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Well most people don’t know that Snow’s evil.

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I still think he wouldn’t trust her

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So do you like the ideas connected to your characters? Would you like to add/change something?

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I like the idea of Tink being Arthur’s favorite. Idk, the idea of him being her “work dad” sounds really cute~

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Awww, “work dad”. I love this name. :pleading_face:

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I like these ideas. I think maybe Gothel wants to manipulate him and try to be his friend so that he wouldn’t suspect her of anything.