Last post of the decade gets bragging rights forever 🙀🥳

Oh man!

Sorry :yellow_heart:

Your new year starts at 7:00 pm Eastern time here

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One hour ahead of me!


11 hours left here

Yall are living in the past

take a look :eyes:

Does anyone else always quote links before tapping on them to make sure they’re safe or am I just weird? :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile::green_heart:

  • I do that too
  • You’re weird…

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Nope I love Ravens :eagle::eagle:


3 hours to go

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But ducks are so cute :pleading_face::green_heart::duck::eyes::sparkles:

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Here is a picture of our saviour Lord Orange (103 B.C. Colourized)
Scroll up and down, it looks weird

PM me if you don’t like this image, and I’ll delete this comment, please don’t flag me :slight_smile:



claims her bragging rights :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:




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