Let’s get to know each other!

Hi, I’m Tea and I’m new here, so let’s get to know each other. I enjoy reading non cliche episode stories, my favourite colour’s black, I like drinking tea and I enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures around the world.


Hey Tea,

Same here.

I’m new here, but not so new (but definitely not old) to the official Episode forums (I joined in Nov '18). I’m Haruka, I’m 13 and female. I like to be dramatic (but I’ll tone it down when I have to), and am overly passionate about many things. My favourite colour is yellow, for the sun and sunflowers. I feel like it’s a happy colour :sunflower: I’m from England, but my family is Japanese/Chinese. There is one thing pretty much most of my life is based around, and that’s rhythmic gymnastics.

About RG

It’s one of those sports that a lot of people think is super duper easy and isn’t a sport. It’s a freaking Olympic sport, and anyone who says that it isn’t a sport will receive my wrath :innocent: Yep, it’s the one with ribbons, clubs, hoop, rope and ball.

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Two of the things that annoy me a lot <3

  • When someone asks me if I can do flips.

Me: Yeah, I do rhythmic gymnastics.
Them: Oh, so can you do flips?
Me: No…
Them: So you’re not very good then, are you?
Me: No, well, you’re not allowed to do flips in rhythmic gymnastics.
Them: eXcUsEs

  • When someone says ‘all Chinese people eat dogs and are therefore cruel monsters.’

I hope I don’t need to explain this one.

anyway, that’s me :kissing_heart:


Interesting! I’m from the episode forums as well :grin:


I think most people are :thinking: I’m _haruka here and also there. And on Episode. _haruka everywhere, to avoid confusion :laughing:


Nice :smile:


Hello! I’m Shadow, a moderator here of course. :sweat_smile::wink: I enjoy reading Romance, Fantasy, and Drama. I mainly write in those genres anyway. Uh…I like playing Blade and Soul and the Sims.

Something we both gave in common. :woozy_face:


I’m the other mod here, Chaotic! Also Shannii’s resident artist :smiley:

It’s only been about a year since i got into episode though, hehe



I’m Shannii. I’m 21, mixed race and from London. I enjoy reading, writing, writing about reading, reading about writing, writing about writing and reading about reading. I sing, play the guitar, study Japanese, game and dedicate a big chunk of my life to modern history.

I’m also the owner of the ShanniiWrites brand! We aim to help writers improve and give readers a fun place to discuss their favourite works!

I’ve written a few stories of my own!

On Episode

  • The Queen of Freaks
  • Much Ado About Anabelle
  • The Good Witch
  • (Cowrote) The Bad Games

On Wattpad

  • The Queen of Freaks
  • When I’m Gone

On Chapters

  • The Darkest Heart

I look forward to speaking to you all!

This sounds kinda like a cross between a dating profile and a formal introduction in Japan.


…You had to be the extra one…Classic Shanni. :crazy_face:


All that reading and writing couldn’t be neglected!


Tbh it’s pretty us, I’m not gonna lie. Shani’s succinct and practical essay on who she is is easy to digest and fun to read.

I say I’m an artist and leave it there xD You know what that means, I’m broke and antisocial


Willowbean…not sure what to say…been here for…a year?
Just a reader of stories



wait I’m a regular? I have, like, powers :laughing: where did they come from


Japanese is an awesome language! I want to travel to Japan one day. :grin:


Japan is awesome :grin: although I do think Tokyo is overrated. Yes, it’s cool, but there are so many more beautiful, exotic places. I feel like Tokyo is just London with Japanese people/food/signs. People rushing around, crowds, trains. It’s just another capital city honestly :laughing:


I gave you powers for being one of our first returning users :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello, @Mysterious_Tea. I am Kanubish… What can I tell you about myself :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:?
I am just a simple girl who likes to read books (?)

I am bad at telling about myself :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


You’re in good company here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I love to read books too! What’s your favourite?


Well, I have read many books:
Foreign books: The Color of Water by James McBride (I read the book in English), Harry Potter books, Wuthering Heights, Albert Einstein (an autobiography book about him), A Brief History of Time, Parallel Worlds, Einstein’s Cosmos, Harlan Coben’s books (“Gone For Good”, “The Inoccent”, “Caught”, “Missing You” and “No Second Chance”), My Sister’s Keeper (I watched the movie as well), *World Religions by John Bowker

Israeli books: Minheret Ha’Zman by Galila Ron-Feder-Amit (The Time Tunnel), Yomano Shel Chnun books (Diary of a Nerd), Nashim Ba’Tanach (Women in The Bible), Tehila (it is a novella), Ha’Kaitz Shel Avia (The Summer of Avia), Jinji (Red-haired).

There are way more :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
I read books in many kinds of genres, even literature.

  • I have read the book, and I still read it - for my story, because I created Christian and Muslim characters, and this book is super helpful - even though I already know about Christianity and Islam, but I do not feel that it’s enough. I am worried that I might represent them wrongly and I don’t want it to happen, so…
    By the way, I recommend you to read it - this book can help you so much. The book’s author wrote not only about the 3 main religions, but about others, even the less known and less common ones.
    (about the book World Religions)
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Thanks (click here :soon: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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