Let's talk about skin ✨

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Are you happy with your skin? How do you prevent breakouts? Does genetics play a role in your skin? Do you have acne?

I’d consider myself as someone who has good skin. Genetics does play a role in that, but also I take decent care of my face. It’s the one thing I’m not that insecure about on my face.

Share your skin problems here and let’s help each other out :sparkles:

@Discussions ← Sorry for the tag, we just don’t have a Health & Beauty tag at the moment :blush:

This is not the same as this thread, which is about your skincare and makeup routine.


Oh god my skin sucks on so many levels

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i think its nice
i like the challenge of accessing your internal organs
it makes the black market much more enjoyable

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i don’t really have skin problems but my face is getting clearer.

I usually listen to Hailey Bieber when it come to skin LMAO

I never go to sleep without washing my face and it is also not good to sleep with makeup on

And i drink a lot of water too!

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I tend to break out a lot on my nose and my chin, plus along my hairline. My skincare routine kind of helps manage it.


Yep, I am. By moisturizing it, washing and cleaning it every morning and night and by not touching my face much.
Genetics def plays a role. And I don’t have acne :eyes:

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Ummm yea

I cleanse my skin twice a day and moisturise

Yes, they caused me to have fair skin. Not my fault. But seriously I have no clue about my parents skin

Nope :grin:

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I thought for a second this was about minceraft skins or other video game skins-

Anyway, yes, I am happy about it. It has pimple scars like the moon up above and pimples that really irks me everytime because they’re so itchy, but yeh I am.

I have minimal pimples and all those things, but I don’t really have any kind of things to do against it because my mom doesn’t allow me because I’m still too young. I believe genetics also play here haha. I got my soft skin from my dad’s side : D


dw duck skin doesnt fit me so ur safe

Yeah, it’s not so bad

I don’t think I get breakouts-
Or I do, but they’re not so bad


Rarely :star_struck:


really :heart_eyes: in your profile picture, your skin looks a lot more hairy :cat:

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The glasses are part of it :star_struck:

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my skin gets sunburned too easily :pleading_face:

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Not really. I have really bad eczema. It’s horrible to manage. It hurts and burns my head, arms, and legs (for my type of eczema), and i don’t have any proper or good medication to handle it :tired_face:

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Whatever I do, my skin is the same! I don’t have acne or anything! It’s just like that. I think it’s cause of genetics. My mom has REALLY clear and smooth skin.

And I don’t even need to moisturize it lol.

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any skin problems or anything like that?


none that I know of :eyes:

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My skin is a problem-

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