Lets talk goals

Dear Friends,

What are some goals you guys have for 2022?

Hopefully, this year I will be able to open up my own business I have a telegram where I share my platform an what I do to make a good business. We host zoom if you are interesting in helping me with any of there or host zooms with me. If you have the app Telegram you can just give me you username in pm!


Good luck with starting up your business!

One of my goals is to eat healthier. Haven’t been doing that so far, but I’m working on it, lol


Good luck on your business and I hope you achieve everything you hope to.

My goals are to finally choose a college I’m happy with, write at least 3 more chapters for my story, and strive to be happy in life.


I keep simple goals lol. Like stuff I’m already actively working on. Battling insecurities, and learning more about my self. I also hope to figure out my sleep schedule because it’s changing and once I get that settled I’m probably gonna have to figure out a new routine. That or it will never get better and I’ll have to consider other methods…

I wanna get better at managing my time. I’m horrible about that. It’s not really like totally my fault tho like it’s something I can’t control. I just hope that I can continue to work on it and have certain routines that help me.

A more personal one, it’s not exactly a goal just something I’d like, to go back to therapy and get a psychiatrist cuz I don’t have those things currently and it is needed.

With writing I make little goals for stories that I never end up fulfilling lol.

I think with goals in general, yes I do have like long term and short term goals. But it’s always something that again I’m already actively working on. I don’t like setting goals for something I’m not because that puts too much on my plate. I don’t make resolutions either. I just have goals and new ones constantly and work to better myself which is better than being like “I’m gonna eat better by the end of this year” I’m not doing that lol. I need to get my routines and mental health stuff first.


Obtain a new profession. I was hired by one prestigious company, but I lack experience in my position. The probation ends in a week, but I’m still unsure whether it’s successful or not. Of course, I want to believe that everything will be okay, but negative thoughts chase me…


Star keeping it real.


First of all, none of that sounds very simple at all @WritingWithStars, but they are all admirable goals and I hope you accomplish at least one of them by the end of the year.

My goals are even more short-lived than that. For example, figuring out how to pay off certain debts without having to file for bankruptcy. Keep an eye on gas prices and note when it is no longer worth commuting to work at all (in which case I would need to find another job, hopefully something closer to home). Things like that.

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  • Publish BLACKTAIL-NINER on Episode.:x:
  • Update TARON on Wattpad.:x:
  • Build up my writing portfolio so I can apply for more apps.:x:
  • Apply for more writing positions for more interactive apps.:white_check_mark:
  • Update my Ko-fi more frequently.:white_check_mark:
  • Open up an interactive writing-related online store (hoping to move my backgrounds and overlays there, add templates, proofreading slots, writing programs, paid translator positions etc):warning: - Still under construction.
  • Find and study relevant courses for the career path I want.:warning: - Closer to finding out my pathways but I haven’t found THE course and enrolled yet.
  • Ring my mom, my brother and my Nan more often.:white_check_mark:
  • Give away + sell a lot of things I no longer need.:x:
  • Practice art again.:warning: - I’ve been dabbling, but not full-on practicing.

Updated Goals for 2023:

  • Enroll into a course that begins my path to becoming a veterinarian.
  • Buy a new, safer car and sell the one I currently have.
  • Upgrade my daughter’s preschool days to 3 days per week.
  • Start and get settled into my upcoming work experience.
  • Make more of an effort to visit my daughter’s other parent.
  • Expand my writing portfolio which includes publishing on Episode and Spotlight.
  • Either reduce my Reddit activity or delete my Reddit account because that place is toxic as hell.
  • Finish helping all of the people I started helping or tell them I can no longer spare the time.
  • Tile the floor in the front room and paint the walls.
  • Master Spotlight’s coding or at least become proficient.
  • Obtain a remote online job whilst studying.
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Love it!

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Thanks! Good luck with your business. (:

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Welcome to the comuuity!

I think my goals are all somehow related to getting more attention for my writing. Other than that, I can’t think of any goals for this year :thinking:

bump y’all

I’ve accomplished a few of the goals I set earlier this year:

  • Move back to the US (Did that)
  • Get a new job (Did that!)
  • Find an apartment or house to rent (Check!)
  • Work on self-improvement (In progress)

Now, my new goals are:

  • Excel at my new job
  • Get my driver’s license (I have to get a new one now that I’m back in the US because I never got my license here)
  • Go to a Lil Wayne concert (When he comes to my city, or if he doesn’t, at least if he’s in my state I can go see him)
  • Continue working on self-improvement in all areas
  • Have better spending habits (I spend way too much money on food)

:diamonds:︎Getting into the senior school I want to be in​:diamonds:︎