Let's Talk in The ABC Order 😏

Can’t say that I’m surprised abot that, I can totally imagine you doing this :eyes::sparkles::joy:


Definitely. It’s what idiots do. :joy:. Oui.


Fantastic, now you think that you are an idiot :roll_eyes: you aren’t an idiot, you are unique but you don’t understand it :eyes::sparkles:

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Hey! Do you want to join the star cult? :eyes::sparkles:


And now we have to start again, great :roll_eyes:

But why? Why did I look out the window for no reason? :thinking:

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Could there maybe be something outside? :eyes::sparkles:

Don’t think so…oh wait… just a dead clown, casually lying on the floor. :innocent:

Erm okay… :eyes::eyes::eyes: are you sure that he’s dead? :eyes:

For the moment…yep, I’m sure I killed him

Great, but why did you do that? :eyes::sparkles:


I’m still hoping that you will join the star cult one day :eyes::sparkles:

Just nah

K :pensive:


Maybe I should force you to join the star cult? :gun: :eyes: