Let's talk: The Goldfinch

Heyy. Ok so have you guys heard about the goldfinch? It is said that it’s a book and decided to make it into a movie, i haven’t read it, but i am intrigued to watch it. I have a question tho… what’s the plot about?


I’ve heard of it, but that’s about it.

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Omg, just saw this! It’s a really good (but intense) Book!

So basically, a 13 year old kid and his mom are at an art museum in NYC when a bomb goes off. Amid the chaos, the kid snatches a painting, the titular Goldfinch, because a dying old man gives him a ring and seems to point to the painting. Unfortunately, his mom dies so he goes to live with a friend in NYC temporarily and makes friends with the friend of the dying old man.

And then his deadbeat dad comes back into his life and drags him to Las Vegas where his life descends even further.

Don’t want to spoil the whole thing but it follows him life for a long time and skips ahead a few years and there’s a lot that goes on.

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Wow, that’s a lot, thanks!

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Yeah, can’t recommend it enough! I hope the film does the book justice!

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