Most Iconic Character from a film

Who do you think is the most iconic character from a move/film/show and why?

You can show pictures, tell us what film their from, and a brief description of their personality and backstory.

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What does it mean to be iconic? :thinking:

to be iconic means to be notable, worthy of mentioning, or literally an icon :star_struck:

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Sooo iron man?

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Yay :laughing:

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Wei Wuxian (魏无羡) from The Untamed

“… Who cares about the crowded, broad road? I’ll walk the single-plank bridge into the night…”

A short list of reasons why you should watch The Untamed he is iconic as hell and no one can convince me otherwise:

  • Was an orphan who became the head disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect, which was one of the five most powerful sects
  • Placed in the top four at the archery competition in Nightless City
  • Killed the Tortoise of Slaughter (a mythical creature) with the help of Lan Wangji as a teenager
  • Underwent a dangerous procedure no one had ever attempted before and lived
  • Not only survived the Burial Mounds (where no one had returned from before), but invented and mastered demonic cultivation in a span of three months
  • Used the same technique he learned from the people who had previously slaughtered his entire sect to murder them in retaliation during the Sunshot Campaign
  • Became one of the most admired, yet feared figures in the war
  • Captured 1/3 of all the prey, blindfolded and with only a dizi, during the night hunt at Phoenix Mountain
  • Rescued innocent war fugitives when everyone else hated them, knowing damn well that it would destroy his reputation and he could never return to his home afterward
  • First person to restore the consciousness of a Fierce Corpse
  • Created many new talismans and the Compass of Evil, which was used by all the sects, even decades after his death

Black Panther from Black Panther.

Idk if this is the most iconic… but Cher from Clueless :star_struck:



Jack Sparrow will forever be my favorite and most iconic character!

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