Music talent shows like The Voice

If you haven’t seen The Voice, it’s a music talent competition in which the judges sit on spinning chairs. It’s a pretty popular competition, but has anyone watched any shows similar?

There’s a new show on Fox called The Masked Singer, which is a singing competition where celebrities compete while wearing masks and costumes and the judges have to try and guess who’s behind each mask. Every week, the audience votes off a singer who is unmasked.


I watch The Voice sometimes, but stopped watching it regularly this season :confused:
I also watch the Masked Singer, which is such a cool show, even though I don’t know most of the singers XD

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I love the voice, I’ve watched some of the x-factor as well. I’ve never seen the Masked Singer, maybe I should check it out to quell my shelter-in-place boredom :sob: is it on any streaming services?

I have and am watching both. Just waiting on corona to stop so the voice will be able to continue soon.

i only really watch the voice, america’s got talent i only watch it for my boi terry crews and i watch parts of britain’s got talent on youtube.

Alt press be like

“iS tHiS gErArD wAy?”

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lmao. They also thought the leopard was Brendon Urie (it was Seal) and the elephant was Tom DeLonge (it was Tony Hawk). The thought of the turtle being Gerard Way did cross my mind, but then I was like “that’s not his voice tho”

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Honestly I don’t expect anyone from the alt world to appear on that show but if it keeps alt press running

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The judges also guessed that the turtle could be Billie Joe Armstrong, but again, he has a very distinct voice and that ain’t it.

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Unless he’s doing an impression :joy:

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Ohh, the voice is originally Dutch if I’m correct. I quite like it! I also enjoy the masked singer, even though I’ve only seen fragments of the fox one I’ve seen the whole series on Dutch TV :joy:

The Voice used to be my favourite music talent show when it first came to the UK with Jessie J and I watched and enjoyed the first year and I also used to watch The X Factor. But… it’s all kind of the same now? I don’t know, I haven’t seen it in a while but The Voice, The X Factor and also Britain’s Got Talent (or America’s Got Talent, or other alternatives) all seem the same and really staged and extremely dramatic. Maybe I’m just extremely cynical though.

My dad and I mostly watch American Idol. We’ve been watching it ever since I could remember. The main differences between the Voice and American Idol is that in American Idol, it’s not just all about your voice. It’s also about who you are and how you are on stage. In the Voice it’s really just about your voice. Hence the name. And the point of where your getting more coaching in the voice. :joy: I personally like American Idol better!

I like talent shows as a concept, but they are executed to be cruel to contestants and I get too nervous watching them :sweat_smile:


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