Musical Theatre- what’s the hardest part to learn/do?

Is it the singing? The dancing? or maybe it’s even the acting ?
What do you guys think?


I don’t do Musical theatre but one of my friends does. She takes singing and dancing classes and every other day she takes acting classes. She once told me that the most difficult part is to remember all together because while she sings she’s dancing and she has to make sure she’s doing it good while keeping in her character. So it can be a little confusing and stressing.


It is the singing while dancing all in character


True :sweat_smile:


All combined because in musicals the actors sing and dance, so they have to remember the lines, song lyrics and dance choreography

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It’s really depends on your personal capabilities because some people are singers and some are dancers and some are actors, but the hardest part for everyone (in my experience), is putting all three together and then adding sets and costumes on top of it.

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In the one I did, it was the singing that was the hardest part not because I can’t sing but i don’t know, it was just hard memorizing songs and also memorizing lines for the play

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Like Caticorn said before it depends on your own capabilities as well as the part you play.


Singing and dancing simultaneously.
You would run out of breath pretty quicky

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