Need help here! About Stories

What would be the best topic to point out in a story? As for me, I’m a starter and I’m progressing to become an author on Episode and Wattpad. :sweat_smile: There’s many topics that people do like about someone’s story and don’t.

For an example:

• Stories based on high school.

• Stories that include things about Mental Illness and they aren’t doing a good job describing it.

And etc.

I want to know, what do you think is the best topic to focus on in your story.

Action? High school/no high school?

Basically, giving advice to those of what you prefer.


I’d say whatever the author wants :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Okay, :sweat_smile:

Part of me thinks that way. :joy:


Depends on if you’re writing for you or for other people.


Hmmm… what happens if you’re writing for yourself? Is that a whole different story?


Writing for yourself is more fun imo. You just get to take all of the things you want to see in other stories and put your own personal spin on it. Let your creative drive run wild.

Whereas writing for other people limits you. And that can be good, great art flourishes in limitation after all. But it might mean writing something you don’t particularly want to


That’s what most of the starter writers want to do nowadays, and I’m feeling that I should go with that path.

That isn’t something, That’d I want to do and thank you, for the meaning. :sweat_smile: I was confused at one point.


Yeah! Write what you want to see :grin:

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I agree. When you write for yourself, you know you have an audience of at least one. When you write for what you think people want, you end up making a story an imaginary person wants with no clue if there’s a real person out there who’ll like it.

There will be more people looking for the same stuff as you. You can’t be sure that there will be people looking for the same stuff as someone you made up