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Plot twist Dorian fucked some mythical creature so aurora is like a scary hybrid


Is Aurora the island




interesting theories


These are kinda accurate ngl


Why is this the first time I’m seeing the members when I have some songs in my playlist :sob:


wait really :joy:




So did she notice it but chose to ignore it
Or straight up didn’t realize

When is he ever



No worriesss


Yes :sob: I listen to music on spotify so a lot of the time I never see their faces

Disappointed there isn’t 17 members

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the answer is never

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there were supposed to be but the other four trainees left before they debuted (one of them is now an actor and another is a soloist)

now they explain it as 13 members + 3 teams + 1 group = 17

She’s oblivious in most contexts


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ok decided to make this easy for y’all since it’s the first question


“What?” Kairo exclaimed, “How are we supposed to know this,”

Aurora could not help but to agree. She did not even know the name of the Island they will be going to, until last night, where she was tired and had not the chance to research about the island and now they were asking questions about the Island? What did she know about the Island! This was a set up, was there truly a way to win this game. To get to Elijah, maybe they should forfeit, the safety of everyone was more important, but she just could not…

"Do we get choices?’ She asked to almost no one at all, because really who was she even talking to? There was no one around to answer the question, just moving statues they were playing against and the big screen.

“I hope we do,” Freya muttered, 'Because if we don’t…"

“We’re fcked,” Atlas finished for her, causing Seung-Min to sweat. This could not be the way he died! He was still in his 20s for goodness sake! He imagined he would die when he was at least in his 60s, (though he hoped he had more years to him than that), married to the man of his dreams, and living in a mansion filled with people who tended to him or maybe even a cozy cabin would do.


“Guys,” Lyra brought everyone’s attention to her. “There” She pointed towards the screen that reflected the numbers, the choices.

“Are those our choices?” RENLIN asked, scrunching his nose in confusion.

'I think they are," Thalia said, “But which one is correct.”

“I think the first,” Hayes declared.

"1592, that was when the founding members of the Eclipsium embarked on a groundbreaking venture. They came together to establish an institution that would become a beacon of enlightenment and mystery - Ninth House. " Aurora said, recalling everything her father had taught her, ‘1592 is an important year,’ her father had always dwelled in her mind. She memorized a lot of dates, a lot of dates concerning Wyndham, Ninth house. One would memorize them too, if they were stuck in the same place since they were born.

“Okay, but what does that have to do with this Island, how is it connected to Wyndham?” Arya had asked.

“Not Wyndham,” Thalia stated, “But Ninth House.”

A lot of people began to scratch their necks in confusion, looking around. “Is that not the same thing?”

“No, No” Aurora began, “Ninth house is more general, it contains multitude, Wyndham is part of Ninth House but not Ninth house,” About to go on a long explanation, she was stopped by Jesse.

“Are we 100% sure it’s 1592?”

“Yes,” Aurora said.“Our answer is 1592.”

An O appeared on the board.

The statue moved, placing an X on the board.

“We were right!” Seung-Min exclaimed, with obvious glee in his eyes.

“Two more questions to go,” Hayes muttered unhappily.

The screen kept tweaking, until it finally landed on: Throughout different eras, people- magic holders have tried to purify using burning fire, bringing people close to volcanoes, where they believe the nexus stone might lay. After some time, they came to one conclusion, what was the conclusion

  • The fire of this island has healing properties
  • The fire of this island is damaging
  • The fire of this island is the key to rebirth
  • The fire of this island like any other fire burns the skin
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Our convoooo



you should

don’t die


You know I just noticed we have both and atlas and Theodore in bridgerton

and atlas theodore


aaah suspicious

tis weird

shes not telling them nothing


why all of you have sus families

wait they dated?

God bless you shorty tú ta’ perfecta
Y te combina el culo con la teta
Y no quería faltarte el respeto




you wanted something more


what is she supposed to understand wait



I mean she should by the end of his little man speech
Cos he’s like it’s so pretty right
What else would he mean


wait is she supposed to understand that today is a special day or som

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Nooo just that the “something” he needed to get rid of was the dress


Oh is that what you meant by ‘

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