Ok, You Want Time? I'm Not Paying For the Forums in March 2021

Literally it’s one ping. Compared to what I do for the site, that’s nothing. I get nothing from this place and I pay for it for your sake. I want all of you to have a lovely place to chat. If people can’t deal with that, either I need to go or they do


I’m not talking about the pings

I think he’d like that now that he’s banned from basically anywhere :eyes::joy:


Like you’re getting a forum for FREE. A really expensive Discourse forum, too. And people can’t cope with dealing with a ping every now and then in payment.


yo what the fcuk happened whdn i left?

Calm doen, y’all


Just read the other thread

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I’d love to try and help with the site payment thing but I don’t know what I could do.

Did I tag announcements? Sorry if I did

there was a drama going on just because of a tag etc…

but um something off-topic, what’s a ping?

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There was a ping and it blew out of proportion I guess

A tag notification I think

i saw it and ill say it again, everyone needs to relax. yall aint making s–t better

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A notification

People need a little perspective, here. I’m grieving and I’m unreasonable, sure. However, at the core of this issue is the fact that I shouldn’t be having to change my actions for people who just want to ignore my pleas for help a little easier.

I think it’s interesting that the this argument seems to be split between minors on one side and adults on the other. With the occasional exception, of course. Anyone notice that?


Sound weird when I put it that way

I know. We tried though!

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Please don’t make this about our age now. This is really out of place.


all this over a motherf–king ping. just turn it the f–k off if it bothers you so much


What does that have to do with the argument?

Also, I can’t really find for the forums, so I’m not really an asset

guys stop!

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