Online shopping?

hi hi. so, i have question, what stores do you or have been ordering from online? especially from quarantine. i recently ordered from yesstyle! i recommend you look at their products, lool! they’re really good, and a lot are affordable! (always look at the stars & reviews.)

use my rewards code; 3C34VA !!

so, discuss !

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i love Francesca.

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I recently ordered a wig from Elevate Styles. The shipping wasn’t too expensive like it is on other sites, and it was very affordable. Plus, it looks exactly like it does on the photo of the website.

oou, i love wigs, lool! :heart:.

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what type of website?


A few months ago I ordered a shirt from Hot Topic and my family just got some new jackets from Helly Hansen.

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wait nevermind! i searched it up and viewed it’s products. they look good quality!


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