Opinions on instagram fanpages that edit other peoples art without permission (including photos)

This is something that annoys me alot, fan accounts will take something like a professional photograph, edit it by putting a fliter on and then slamming their watermark on as though they took the photo. This annoys me because the photographers deserve credit for the fact they were the one who took the photo. Changing the photo and adding your watermark is just disrespectful, especially without permission.

I will only follow instagram pages that ask for permission from photographers (or even just check to see if the photographer has given permission for anyone to repost). If you don’t know who took the picture either don’t post it or ask in the caption.

Also just because it’s a rare photo and you found it, that doesn’t make it yours. So don’t paste your watermark all over it and demand other people to give you credit for a picture you didn’t take.

Anyway, other peoples opinions please?


I agree with you.

There was taht whole thing really recently about an artist who was popular on episode (I’m guessing) and they died, then people started selling their work as their own.

@line123462 knows more about it than me :sweat_smile:


Ahhhh I hate it when people post stuff like this and then you look through what they captioned and at the very bottom it says: “Made by: Idk who please tell me if you do know”


I only follow one account that edits photos because they credit the people every time

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no she was not an episode artist. she was a famous artist. the company who stole her art had been doing so in some time. but after she died they begin to claim she had giving them permission. with a screenshot of there conversation, where she said she would think about it. which she 100% said to be polite

this is the artist


a habit I have gotten is when I see someone who offer drawing art on episode and I might think its a bit to good. I put it through google search and tiny eyes to see if it stolen. and unfortently most of the time it is. sometimes its traced but its stil stolen art. and I kinda call them out for it,

ofcourse if I can not find anything I tell the artist they are really good. because

I seriysly tried four times I called people out for using sims.

I really hate when they say" sorry I did not know I wasn’t allowed," it says so in the guidelines.

and then they come with the excuse" well I uploaded it and it was not rejected" episode can not know what evrything is. I had something uploaded I thought was royalty-free but was not. for a note one I got permission from the artist after finding out, and the other I bought it was only 3 dollars for the entire set and I am using it all now

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The artist who drew the pfp I have now! I’ll put that in my bio


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