Price of plane tickets. its insane

So I was just for fun looking over the plane ticket price and found something kinda crazy

the average place ticket price in the US is 375 dollars. in Europa an expensive plane ticket is 34 dollars.

No wonder Americans dont travel that much

I asked my mom what she thinks the average plane ticket in Europa cost. she said 300 Danish crowns. that is around 25 dollars


What?! I’m jealous :sob: I’m American and love traveling. But like you said, it’s pricey :confused:

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They don’t want their people moving around.

They’ll realise they don’t wanna be there


Ive heard it’s cheaper and easier there too. Is it even that cheap when you’re traveling a long distance? Say from one side of Europe to the other?
Are the planes the same?

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I read a little bit about it and seems it might be because of competitive prices between the countries in Europe. We dont really have that because we’re just one big country and when Europe tried to convince the US to switch to what they’re doing, we just don’t.

Also we have more airports that arent busy because the people are more spread out so they still have to make money off less flights.

AND also better customer service here. They say Europeans are used to not having the same service and its not a big deal but Americans would complain. :joy::joy::joy:

Just three things I found interesting. Don’t know how true they are.

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properly is true

Although I’d sacrifice customer service for a cheap flight.
Also, since I’m semi used to spending more, I wonder if the cheapness would make me more scared to fly… (even tho its prob not any less safe) $30 to fly across the country way up in the sky? I’m already sorta nervous flying… that’s cheaper than a dinner or movie date. :grimacing:

When I lived nordjyland (one part of Denmark) and had to visit sjælland (other part of Denmark ) I often took the plane instead of the train(no car) it was both faster and cheaper

For 4 people to travel from Minnesota to Florida using Delta Airlines in first class, it’s $2,861.

Wow. Is it worse for the environment?

I can’t afford first class hahahha

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Wow you must have found amazing tickets tho, all flights I’ve been on are at least 500 Swedish crowns (around 50 USD) and that’s a really cheap ticket I’d say. But for that price range you won’t come further than like Germany.

It sounds kinda cheap, both prices. But maybe that’s the fact I usually travel luxury. Maybe it’s just America! Have i been wasting my money!