Put Your Episode Roleplays on the New Ideas Thread 2.0!

I’m unsure if somebody has already made a thread about this or not, so let me know if somebody else has?

As you are aware Episode shut down it’s roleplay community. Fortunately, this resulted in Episode roleplays moving to Shannii Writes - or the roleplays will be moving to Shannii Writes -

If you are wondering where you can contact previous episodians (I guess) who joined in on your roleplay, please post your roleplay idea on the New Ideas Thread 2.0 so more people will be aware of your roleplay.

Make sure to keep the thread on ‘Watching’ so you will be notified each time somebody posts a new roleplay idea.

Have a great day and happy roleplaying!

Roleplays Previously on Episode:
The Meyville Misfits - @phnx
Revenge: Inspired by Scream Queen - @lb15
Blue Royalty - @novella
Gotham: A City Gone Mad. - @ForeverAngel
Animorphs - @phnx


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There are no more Episode Roleplays on their site :pensive:


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Can I have this thread closed? I don’t think it’s useful anymore @ForumStaff

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