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Hmm honestly it depends. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a character, rather felt like they could have had more development? In the Blue Royalty series, it’s probably Candice just because I felt like her story was never really given the time that it needed to be interesting to me or others.

Ahh um… hmm… I’ve never really hated a character of Isi’s because she has a really good way of writing her characters so that they all have a dynamic story. Buuuut if I had to pick one, maybe Fin just because I love to hate him? If that makes sense? No real hate here.

HmmmmMm maybe Gio? I just wish I got to see more of him. Again, it’s not real “hate” because that’s a strong word, it’ just the character I’ve interacted with the least and just hasn’t had my favorite storyline.

Hmmmmmmmm. Maverick. Love him, but also don’t. I feel like he could have been more dynamic and if you gave him more of a chance, he could have been developed more jusssttt like Candice. But no real hate, just a lack of development! Like, I feel like there was so much that could be done with the Dorian hatred - maybe even involved Dorian’s sister and had a little villain Arch with his drug disgression? I think that would have been so cool.

Ahhhh damn. Delilah. ONLY because I feel like Ella gave up on her and she had so much potential.

sigh No, I do wish he had a semblance of happiness and I feel like we made his life devoid of all sense of happiness and it’s not going to get any better…

I do wish they could make up, I won’t like. But look, with everything in Dan’s life… I feel like he’s not willing to budge on his hate with her… family and he’ll never understand why she still considers the Azure’s a part of her. He’ll never get there… no matter what Val, Jess, and Jez say so as much as I would like them to be okay, I know that’s probably not their fate.

BAHAHAHAHHA Literally everyone surrounding Jessica’s storyline. I think there was a lot of bending that had to be done to have Jess end up with Dori. Just starting with Kai, like let’s be honest, I don’t think he would have done half the stuff he did to Jess. Dori probably wouldn’t have let her leave in the first place, but that was more plausible. I also don’t think Aline should have died. I think Ziah’s was a given, but Ailine’s felt too… unnatural.

Ahh hmmm I think Akielah and Anna became my favorite NPCs so far

I would, but I don’t feel like I’d ever have any real time without help. So it depends on where I am in my life and what support I have. Doing a book by myself would take years to come up with a solid first draft to even send into a publishing house

Zendaya. I could see Daniel being someone else, but I feel like Zendaya is such a personality actor and the “character” for Jessica fits her personality well. Tom would have to play a very different role which would be cool, but I think Zendaya could fit the persona better and really embody both Jessica and Anna in different, unique ways.

HMMMMM okay so Zendaya as Jessica/Anna for sure. That’s a must. I don’t think anyone could fully compare to Jessica’s written personality as she could. For the others… hmm… Here’s the thing, certain FCs aren’t actually actors, so it would never actually work in a real-life scenario. But… I would love to see Jordan be Jordan Fisher, Jezebel be Madeline Cline, Sadie be Sabrina Carpenter and hmm Ziah as Naiomi Scott. Being realistic, those would probably be the best to play teenagers.

I’m biased towards Shay. I’ve written too many miscs for her not to love her.

I do yes. Some of our best ideas came out of those sessions but with the amount of characters we have, I think it would be difficult for us to do them again and come up with concrete ideas. Maybe if we really tried?

Err… depends on how we set it up. Ella won’t be there, I know that and I’m on the fence - it depends on how this current RP ends. I know I already have plans for something that may not allow Blue royalty as we know it to continue. It may have to be another school, and someone starting it after the end with completely new characters for it to work (maybe some past relations?) but not to the extent we’ve been having. I also would like BR3 to either be a few years after the end of this one, or a LONG time after BR2.

Hmm… I don’t know. I do have a soft spot for Camp Halfblood from Episode because that was the first rp I was ever in.

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If they’re a real card reader, yes :wink:

Everyone needs advice, but on different subjects. One person might be an expert in a certain area, while another is not - so yes, and no.

Honestly, I think it depends on the dog and person. Sometimes it does feel like that, but I think that’s usually when you have a less of a connection to the dog? Usually, dogs who have an appreciation for their owner stay close by and not “walk them” per say. At least that’s my perception.

100%, it’ll just mix in with the water quickly, but you’re still crying because tears are being released from your tear duct.



AHH DAMN okay okay umm. Ziah and Andy for sure, they were amazing together. I am a sucker for the sweetness Jordan and Sadie had while they lasted. Dan and Val for sure, both destructive but both need each other and then, of course, I’m a sucker that Jess got her happy ending so Jess and Dori.

Aline and Dorian would have been cute honestly, or even Dori and Ziah, I think they could have been great together and she would have made him happy and vice versa. Hmm…
Dan and Delilah would have been cute…
Riker and Sadie?
Jezebel and Kai (even though they were both Brooke’s)

BR: Dan’s my favorite, Jess is a close second, and then Jordan and Riker are tied for third place I think
BR2: I love Ricky a lot and Paige too

BR: Dorian. I felt like he had more storyline then Elodie did, BR2: Hmm right now Katherine actually.

BR: Val 100%, BR2: Hmm VC

BR: I think Jezebel takes the bag, and then BR2: Quinn

BR: Sadie, and then BR2: Annie

I like the starting - the way she distanced herself from everyone, found someone, lost someone but I think after a while she’d get so lonely that she would need someone. I kind of wanted Candice’s son to go to her and convince her and Candice to make up, and for her to be a part of Candice’s new baby who Delilah would have become God mother if she came in time. After being a good god mother, I almost wanted her to be taking care of Candice’s kid once (maybe babysitting) and to find someone through that weirdly enough. Just someone… normal who could ground Delilah and the two of them could adopt a baby together. Maybe she even became a step mother by marrying the man and she was a lil scared at first because the kid is like 4 or 5, but she’d rock it and then want to adopt more because she realized she’s not like her mother and she could be better.

Candice maybe? She had a good ending, but I think her storyline could have been better in general. Besides that, I think the rest of my characters got a happiness they weren’t expecting. Jess could have probably delt with less heart break, and Riker could have had more :joy:

I’m a sucker for Annie and Ricky honestly and then that’s kind of it for my characters.

Well I told Isi I want all of them to suffer, and the evil part of me does want that ahahah but no, I don’t know how they’ll end up.

Oh god. Um… Mateo with Sophie maybe, I would like Enrique and Annie as an endgame, but I don’t know about them and I feel like they’ll break up because ricky’s very unloveable, Kaspian it’s too soon to tell. I like Katherine for him, but I don’t know their dynamic fully yet. Mason with Olivia I’m thinking… maybe… and Paige probably alone… I think she needs to love herself before anyone else can truly love her (and I think the same for Quinn @Littlefeets ). And Amie… I honestly don’t know… probably no one.


“Beni it is”, but I was young and thought “Beni it iz” was cooler, so you get “Benitz” from that and then 786 was kind of just a number that means something special in my parents family/culture so I just kept using it.

Never watched it… actually I think I saw a little bit of it but i can’t really comment since I can’t remember

I think they’re really cool and interesting, honestly!

Good! Watched Endgame for the first time and it was oof. I cried for a bit.

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some of these answered here and I’ll get to the rest later

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My first date was at a camp that I worked at when I was 16? We were both staff and we just kind of hung out together after everyone else was asleep and talked. I don’t know if that’s technically a first date, but it’s what I consider my first date.

Depends on how much I like the person and where we’re going? If that makes sense?

In general, I do but at the same time I think it’s important to be yourself because you’re never going to be any better than you are normally, so what’s the point of putting on a fake perception?

Hmm I don’t know? Maybe the movies? It was a really bad movie… I can’t remember the name but it was a psychological thriller and I swore I almost fell asleep. Plus he had to leave after, so we didn’t talk at the movie and then he left like… okay?

Not for a longgg time? I do and I don’t, honestly I don’t really know right now.

Dude I’m 21 god I can’t imagine being that committed to someone when i don’t even have my life at a stable place yet

I think both of you trying something new so even if the date didn’t go well, you did something that was fun and unique. Sure dinner’s are cool and all, but I rather go on an adventure of some sort.

Serious serious? Maybe 1

I haven’t had feelings for someone in a long time, mostly because I’ve just been focusing on myself in college and not trying to get into the trap of getting hurt while dating idiot dudes. So 4 years?

Yes, but then he started dating like one of my closest friends so that stopped :joy:

She also broke up with him because he turned out to be kind of a weirdo - like he said “I love you” on date two, introduced her to her parents on date 3, and cried after…I’m going into too much detail.

No? Maybe? I feel like if I heart broke - it’s because I didn’t realize it.

Humor, Loyalty, and Thoughtfullnes

Is it bad to be basic and like the “tall, dark, handsome” stereotype with a sprinkle of funny. If a dude’s funny, He’s already got me, but add in the tall, dark, and handsome and I"m a goner

No. My family means a lot to me so if they see something in someone I’m dating that I don’t, I trust them. No one in my family would just not like someone. There would be a reason for it.

I do want kids one day, but it won’t be until I’m wayyy older. Maybe 1 of my own, and then I want to adopt 2 or 3.

TERRIFYING. Oh my god.

Yes. 100X yes.

I really like the name Nina for a girl

It’s not butterflies, I can tell you that. Love is… someone who feels like home to be around. You feel comfortable around them.

I just have this weird feeling I’ve answered all of these before

Yeah. If he had gotten that development, he could’ve been so much better and more interesting of a character. Same as Candice.

Yeah… The most I could see actually happening with them is them barely tolerating each other, but they’ll likely never be truly alright again…

So, so much had to be not entirely in character…

Yeah, Aline’s just seemed so out of place

It’d have to be a case of getting on a roll with a pair of characters I suppose

:sweat_smile: They could’ve been interesting, but just wouldn’t have happened. There’s probably only one or two ways things could’ve gone where they could’ve ended up together


Yeah. That’s pretty accurate

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Exactly. God a Villain Arch with Mav would have been SO cool because he was inherently a good guy who had something bad happen to him over and over and over again. Also I think he should have dated Dom’s sister before she died without anyone knowing and there could have been additional depth to his story where he amost dated Candice FOR revenge for Dom’s sister. Something like that would have been so cool and would have made me fall in love with him.

It’s sad… but he was more okay with Akielah when she was just an Azure. He understood that - the fact that she was actually their family. He’ll never be okay with this situation, as much as I hate it. And, because Dan is dan, he’ll make sure to keep her away from his family so she’ll never even get to know life as a Parker because he’s making her choose, and she chose “wrong” in his choice.

Sadly she won’t be in Jess’ or Jez’ life, and as far as Jess and Jez are concerned, it’s a choice she made

Realistically, after Jessica left him at the wedding, I don’t even know if he would have gone through with it. He probably would have tried to get out a why from Jess first, and then convinced his mother to help him not go through with it. Even if he did marry her, I think the moment him and Jess happened at the press thing, he would have left her for Jess.

yeah yeah… whatEVEr. I still think they could have been cute or at least dated for a bit longer.

Kai and normal Anna could have worked too (if she was on meds)

I have a love for Jez okay


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Mav should have been an Anna in disguise ngl

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Yeah, something like that could’ve been so epic.


Though, would it be possible for Jess to never find out that Akielah wasn’t the one who made that choice?

Could have. There will at least be a little look into the dynamic with them with a misc

If he never met Anna when she was off meds, for her to blackmail him…
Could’ve been quite the pair though.

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Honestly. Missed opportunity

It’s possible, but Jess is a lil distracted with her 7 kids :frowning:
So something would have to happen that made her question and be like “That’s… weird” because right now, Jess wouldn’t be surprised if after the way Dan has been treating her, she wants to separate herself a little bit.

Yessss excited!

Yea… they have similar values whereas jess was more his opposite, him and Anna were more of the same.

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Definitely a missed opportunity


She’ll probably have to hear something about Akielah through someone else.

Jess and Kai held similar values where it really counted, while Kai and Anna were more similar overall

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How do you feel that (probably) over half of the BR1+2 characters are part of the Parker/Pierce family tree?

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The Parker/Pierce’s took over

and I am not upset at it because they are fun kids

Do you think BR3 could work as the characters being kids of BR2?

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100% no

If there were kids, there would only be 1 or 2 characters that had parents from BR2

I think mostly it’ll need to be new characters


If you were to join an RP other than Blue Royalty, what kind of RP would you want to join?


I’m honestly willing to join any RP, but it just has to have a good storyline. I often get bored with something that doesn’t have the ability to conduct RP movement and I think BR does a really good job of keeping the story moving.

  1. Favorite rp character you created?
  2. Top 15 rp character someone else has created?
  3. Favorite book characters?
  4. What song do you associate with your favorite character?
  5. Do you listen to Taylor Swift and Lana del rey? why or why not?
  6. Headphones or speakers?
  7. Copypaste your favorite line from the song you last listened to.
  8. A music genre you will never listen to and why?
  9. What character personality stereotype do you love?
  10. Pick a random season. What character do you associate it with?
  11. top br2 ships?
  12. If all fictional characters were real, which 5 would you have in your friend group?
  13. What three morals do you try to live by?
  14. Are you an atheist?
  15. If you could go back to the past, knowing that it would drastically change the future, would you?
  16. You receive 1 million dollars, how do you spend it?
  17. What city would you most want to move to for studies + what subject would you want to study there?
  18. What is your personality type
  19. What book are you currently reading + who is your favourite character in it?
  20. tell me what flower you love the most and why
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