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How often do you see an alligator?
Least favorite season?
Early bird or night owl?
Books or movies?
Do you know how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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  • Why is it that we call something “cool” when it’s not really cold?
  • Could we cover the earth with pudding?
  • What’s the first memory you remember as a baby?
  • Is it possible that we are just aliens on this earth and people don’t even know it?
  • If you were a kitten, what would your name be?
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Favorite band
Butterflies or dragonflies
Where do you think souls go after they separate from their mortal bodies? (Where do people go after they die?)
How do you see the world?
Do you often think about reality and what that means?
How was your day?

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Do you struggle with procrastination?

If so, how do you combat it?

Are you a writer? (I think I remember you talking about that?)

If so what do you write/what genres do you like?

Where do you get your inspo from (in relation to writing, if you’re not a writer just inspiration in general)

What’s your hardest class at school?

Easiest class at school?

Favorite subject?

Career plans?

What hobbies do you have/ what do you do in your spare time?

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  • Do you ever associate people with things they are obsessed with or talk about a lot?
  • Do you have a favorite item of jewelry?
  • What’s something that was popular when you were in high school that you actually liked?
  • Do you like dips and sauces?
  • Are you an adventurous eater, or do you like very plain food?
  • Favorite restaurant or fast food place in your city?
  • Favorite and least favorite things about the place you live?
  • Do you associate any of the forum members with songs? Which ones?
  • Hot weather, cold weather, or rainy weather?

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Hey @MichiTheThird,

  • What do you predict will have happened with society in 2032?
  • What do you predict will have happened with the Earth in 2032?
  • What do you predict will have happened with technology in 2032?
  • What do you predict will have happened with your country in 2032?
  • What do you predict will have happened with yourself in 2032?
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Once a month or so…there was one living in the lake at my workplace.

Winter. I’m a tropical girl.

Early bird these days for sure. Used to be a night owl. Then college happened and I never took sleep for granted ever again.

Books, hands down. I still enjoy watching movies, though.

As much as necessary to survive, is what I’d say.

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Not sure. But, in the 80s “tubular” was a thing…that one confused me more??

It is possible. Let’s do it! Chocolate all the way! :saluting_face:

Well, I wasn’t a baby. I was 4 years old and a lot of dumb happened in which I was in a backseat of a car without a seatbelt on, playing with a red ball at the door handle which wasn’t child-locked. And so, I fell right out and rolled off the side of the highway. Luckily I was too shocked to try to brace myself, so the rolling motion saved me. I only had a scar on my elbow from that (which has since moved around my arm and faded).

Could be.


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John Butler Trio, Sevendust, Imagine Dragons, El Gran Combo, Siam Shade, Spitz

BOTH. I just can’t…

I seriously believe there are 2-3 options. 1: A celestial waiting room to be judged. 2: Floating around in space for a while. 3: Randomly reincarnate.

Depends on my mood. :rofl: The world itself is fine, it’s the people on it that make decisions that damage it, and each other, which drive me nuts.

No, not really. Just that in this life I suffer as woman because my past life was a manslut. Something like that.

My days are fine. My nights are hell. I can’t wait until they remove my splints tomorrow (just recently had surgery).

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Every day. LMAO. No, even when I procrastinate, my mind is still plotting and thinking in the background.

Oh, well, I set a tentative deadline/schedule/plan for myself. I can’t be unproductive for too long because it would drive me insane. I have way too many ideas in my head and things I want to write and draw before I become too old to grip a pencil for too long (luckily we have programs like dragonspeak that help with writing when you can’t type…but nothing magically draws what you envision). At some point, I just buckle down and get things done.

Yes. I’m a writer moonlighting as a comic artist. :rofl: My goal is to eventually write and draw an illustrated novel, like the pretty illustrated edition harry potter books (though less at that level…more like between those and Dr. Seuss)…and it will happen somehow. As soon as I finish all of my other projects and get the story part down.

Fantasy and BL. Though, I’ve written a few scifi BLs which was surprisingly fun.

Everywhere, really. I might see an interesting concept or moment in a tv series, webcomic, fanfic, cartoon…and a bunch of ideas might manifest. But, whenever I’m writing or working on my own projects, I got out of my way to try to NOT be influenced by anything else because then I’d subconsciously write or draw in that style and that’s accidental stealing in my eyes.

Ha. History. I learned over the years that it is the teacher that makes History engaging. Good teachers prompt good grades. Lazy teachers put you to sleep.

Creative writing. I’ve always had a ridiculous amount of ideas cluttering my brain.

Art. By senior year, the teacher just had us sit in the back working on projects at our leisure.

Specializing in some branch of IT.

I play the flute and can sight read like a music major (I was once part of an ensemble with a group of old, retired jazz players and they were so impressed with me they had me play with them on stage and gave me a solo…the whole time I kept having to tell them I wasn’t a music major. It was quite the fun semester lmao).

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Sure! For example, @Ouijaloveletters is my Pokemon buddy!

:smiling_face_with_tear: I can’t wear jewelry anymore. Anything metal, that is. I still enjoy anything with a soft nylon cord or plastic hook earrings…

These (pom pom hair ties/fluffy hair ties?):

YES! All the dips. All the sauces.

I can eat just about anything so long as it doesn’t give me an allergic reaction, like Brazilian tree nuts.

Ichicoro. Authentic ramen of thick broth deliciousness.

Favorite: All the parks, nature ones and amusement ones.
Least Favorite: All the traffic.

-flips laptop dramatically- I’m going to have to come back to this one because it’s going t happen, but it requires my massive playlist from home and a long list, yourself included. :rofl:

Rainy. Rainy’s the best.


That’s 10 years from now…World War 3, unfortunately.

A lot more deaths and the economy going to total shit everywhere.

Nothing. I doubt we’ll have any advancements because it takes money to fund those fancy new things and no one will have that kind of money.

Unemployment hell. Food prices hell. Gas prices hell. A lot of people needing therapy without the money to pay for it.

I’ll have attended a lot of funerals. 3 aunts, 2 uncles, possibly my own parents…they’re all over 75-85 now. I doubt they’ll all get to 85-95. (this is why therapists say don’t think too hard on the past or future, just the now and next few days)

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Favorite Pokemon?

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Mew. It’s my spirit animal. :rofl: Yours?

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Mimikyu. Someone hug it.

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