Question Thread - TheDancingFryer

it’s so rude :sob:

tell it off in front of the rest of the chicken nuggets :triumph:

when they suffer from depreshun :pensive::pray::pensive:

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Which ones are for beginners and are currently open?

the blue raspberry ones

I don’t really like hot chocolate

vanilla or oreo

jolly ranchers/airheads and crunch bars


also yes

I’m not that good but I like it

very dark brown

I wasn’t even on discord the whole day-

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Azula 1

I can’t PM you because your profile is hidden :eyes:

More questions:

  • Are your dreams more fantastical and bizarre or realistic?
  • What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
  • Do you like stalking people?
  • When was the last time you went out of the house?
  • What is your ideal “YOU” like?
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yayyyy :pleading_face:

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The good thing with SGs is that what all for beginners 'cause you don’t have to do the writing, just character a character.

The Amazing Race one NEEDS more characters so Brooke can actually start it.
The Charmed one will be getting another written part/chapter this week but I’d love some more characters.
If you just wanna read though one then there’s the Adventure Story SG and there’s a small group that anyone can answer questions for too. (wink)


when was the last time you picked your nose young lady

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when was the last time you lied?? young lady

what percentage of these answers do you think have been truthful?

was that a lie as well?

opinions on modern art?

rate ur music taste 1-10
then link ur fav song

who was your first kiss?
why dont u have a first kiss u virgin

should i do my homework? (help a brotha out)

what songs make you cry :pleading_face:

I only read stories but I know how to code

I like the curly hairstyles and the nose features

my name is kinda hard for people who have never talked to me, or maybe they got me confused. and no, my name isn’t similar at all


I don’t have any favorite singers but I like a lot of pop artists

I don’t like Halsey’s music very much but she isn’t that bad

I really like 80s music rn :eyes:

when people try to manipulate you using mind games

any fried food, but most definitely fries

I learn from the internet and hearing my friends talking about them

dogs :pleading_face:

doing laundry

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stubbed :triumph:

I’m busy but I’m getting to all of them :pleading_face:

I am now :star_struck:

for once, no-

I’m in a skype class rn :star_struck:

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the dark

the 1950s were really rad

any type would be fine :star_struck:

yellow, purple, and pastel blue

um, just any basic california girl

so like revealing with shorts and ripped jeans and cropped tops and stuff like that

ketchup but mustard is pretty good too

@E_bee don’t hate me but onions are- they are- simply-



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lemme send mine :eyes:

they’re usually realistic but like a touch fantastical

this one thomas the train thing or maybe one of those build your own train track things I always used

always :star_struck:

just an hour ago because my parents made me :star_struck:

just at home, eating something fried, wearing shorts or something comfy, at my computer watching a movie or being on the forums while listening to spotify

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interesting :eyes:

should I ask her if I can join?

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