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I am yes

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Yes, yes I will


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You can cry but stay awayyy


favorite rp character? and why :smirk_cat:

I was once at Fire Valley in Nevada and this kid was running around with his sister and told her “THIS IS WHERE THOSE DEPRESSED PEOPLE IN MOVIES GO” so yeah - I burst out laughing at this 6 year old saying that.

Phionix. I’d love to fly breathe fire or whatever they do

My mom telling her my sister just got in a car accident. Fun fact, my sister just got in a car accident 30 minutes ago while I was in the car

I know a dude that’s 6’ 9’’

I do yes

Depends on what you mean by childhood. I’m still friends with a few middleschool friends who later became my highschool friends

I did - wore a dark blue gown

no sir :triumph:

I don’t really know - I can’t remember all of the ones I’ve went to. There’s one that comes to mind but I can’t remember the name - I just remember it was about a Russian girl who grew up in america who goes back to russia to visit

big city

For which bed? I have 3. My dorm room and then my house has two bedrooms that I use interchangeably

Sometimes. Mostly my friends and family call me by a variety of nicknames so I’ve never felt really connected to it? Like people call me Beni, Bernie, Bonnie, etc

Make good memories with those I love but not tell them I’m dying

A li



They play games on “bet you I can poop on their car” :triumph: I swear

Fire exits are usually steel so no, as long as it’s closed it shouldn’t spread that far

I procrastinate too much and don’t get out as much as I should

We don’t have basements in texas - our infrastructure doesn’t allow for it

I don’t have to talk to people / I get lonely

No but I have one. Anytime someone hits on me, I give them my snap but never snap back

Maybe? I could at one point when I used to swim competitively and lifeguard
I used to - I do not anymore because the quality is sh!t

Yes. My left year has a normal one, and my right one has a Cartledge and 2 on the lobe

nah that would hurt

No I run distances (I look at a place and make my goal to run there instead of doing a step goal)


If I was going to learn all about diseases and stuff, may as well learn about it in the human body

Yes - didn’t like it. My cousin wanted to go to a gun range and my mom said “accommodate him” so I did. He basically convinced me to shoot it - I did. Hated it. I hate guns.


When I was a lil kid (still using my baby bottle) I remember asking my mom for juice and she said “wait” well I got annoyed and threw the bottle so hard that it smashed against the kitchen counter. Granted, this was a glass bottle (idk why I was given a glass bottle as a child but I was) so yea. My mom used it as an excuse to weene me off using baby bottles and start using cups.

I would as long as I trust the person who set me up

so many - do I have to choose?

who doesn’t

I was a passenger when my sister did 30 minutes ago. But me myself? no

Living in a real life comedy (or it sometimes feels that way) - The tales of Beni

Surviving not thriving

I have, yes
I’ve been in a few
No I have not
No I will not - It takes too much time and thinking and although I think it could be fun, I just don’t have the time to undertake such a responsiblity


That doesn’t sound fun. Need a hug?

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:pleading_face: maybe

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What’s something that you would be willing to stay up all night to do?
What uncommon thing would you like to see become more common?
What thing from childhood do you still enjoy to this day?
What do you wish you understood better?
What is something that will instantly annoy you?
Do you have an app on your phone that you use even though you hate it?
How many apps do you have?
What app do you use the most?
What are your top five snacks?
What snacks do you hate?
What animal do you think best reflects your personality?
What doesn’t exist, but should?
How do you make decisions?
Would you consider yourself decisive or indecisive?
If you could be anywhere right now , where would you like to be?
If you lost all of your possessions but one, what would you want it to be?
What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?
Favorite city?
How have your priorities changed over time?
If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

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Be my normal 5 year old self perhaps?

Nothing - 400 years in the past they would consider people from the future witches and murder them. I’d pretend like someone robbed me and try to get back to the future without telling everyone

How to procrastinate like a master

Family would think it’s an accident, friends would say I killed someone :stuck_out_tongue:



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okay hi here i am as promised with my blue royalty questions

  • Who are your favourite BR1 characters? (doesn’t have to be own)
  • Favourite BR1 ships?
  • Best friendship with each of your BR1 characters?
  • Do you have any favourite BR2 characters if so which ones?
  • Who do you think Jordan loves more in 2040: Jezebel or Sadie? unbiased answer PLS
  • What did Jordan think of the Work It reunion?
  • I would love to be more inclusive with the rest of your characters but I don’t know enough to ask. wait i have one
  • Do you think Jessica ended up with the right person?

Beni, right person or not, who did you want Jess to end up with?


Rank from most to least secrets
Rank from most to least Shared secrets

Out of the other BR2 characters that have secrets you know, which one/s have the most interesting secrets?

Which other BR2 characters are you most looking forward to?

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In no particular order: Daniel, Jessica, Anna, Val, Andy, Kai, Ziah, Dorian, and Sadie

Sadie and Jordan :pleading_face:, Andy and Ziah, and I do say that I like Dorian and Jess.

Daniel = Jezebel
Jessica = Dorian/ Andy
Anna = Celine
Riker = Jordan
Jordan = Riker

I’m excited for Annie ngl but I’m also excited for Enrique and Elio (and all that tension).

sigh that’s a really hard question because Jordan has loved both Jezebel and Sadie so much. Jezebel in the past as he had a crush on her for years (probably upwards of 6 years he had a crush, dated her for like 2 to 3 years, and then left her but still had a crush on her for the next 2 years. But here’s the thing - what he felt for Jezebel is different than what he felt for Sadie because Sadie was his wife and the mother of his children. So in an overall sense, I think part of him will always love Sadie differently. But now that Jezebel’s pregnant he’s moving back to this mindspace of loving her again. SO TO END; in 2040 before he finds out Jezebel is pregnant - he still loves Sadie more. After, it’s a coin toss but later he’ll love Jezebel a little more as they raise a kid together"

He liked it (seeing everyone) but it also made him reminisce about him and Sadie and made him kind of sad because he loved interacting with her like that again.

Yes I do. With everything that happened to Jessica, Dorian was the right person for her by the end. 1. Kai became too toxic, 2. Andy would have hurt her best friend, 3. Dorian is the man she always loved and is someone who, albeit hurt her in the past, was trying to make up for his mistakes. But again - partially, I do think it’s the way I manipulated things. There could have been a less toxic route for Jess and Kai. There could have been happiness for Andy and Jess. The issue became in each of these scenarios, Jess lost her best friend which I didn’t want to happen.


Look, I think over time my mind has changed about who I wanted her to end up with. As toxic as Kai was, I did think they could work well together because they always balanced each other out personality-wise and I think a working relationship needs that. But at the same time, I always did think it was cute that Jess ended up with her best friend and person she cared so much about. So honestly, for me it was always a toss-up of Kai or Dori. Andy - I love him, but I just knew that couldn’t work once we were passed a certain point.


Most Secrets: Mason -> Amelia -> Paige -> Enrique -> Mateo Least Secrets

Honestly don’t know at this point my numbers aren’t updated

Hmm… I know quite a few secrets and they’re all pretty interesting. I think your characters have som of the most interesting ones (one in particular but I don’t want to point him/her out).

Annie, Phoebe, Logan, Elio


You do know quite a few secrets for my characters, and definitely some really interesting ones, especially with that specific character.

How many secrets do you know, at least partially, because of Dan?

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