Questions Thread - passionfruit

What does it feel like to be one of the most active users on here? :eyes::sparkles:
Are we friends? :eyes::green_heart:
Do you like ducks? :pleading_face:
When’s your bday?
Why doesn’t your username have any capital letters in it?
Your biggest pet peeve?
Your first impression of me?
Did you draw your pfp? :eyes::sparkles:



Favorite song?
Pineapple on pizza yes or no?
If you could have dinner with historical people in the world who would you pick?
Favorite Disney princess?
Favorite season?
Opinion on tattoos?
If you want any tattoos, what would you want?
Top 3 girl names?
Same with boys☝🏾
Coffee or tea?
When do you usually go to sleep?
Are you a morning person ?
Opinion on pigeons?

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  • Where are you from?
  • Any stories you’re reading at the moment?
  • What do you look for in stories?
  • Who are the most important people in your life?
  • Favorite song?
  • Song you’re tired of?
  • Which singers are overrated, in your opinion?
  • Do you like sunflowers?
  • Have you ever heard the song called Sunflower?
  • What food are you craving at the moment?
  • What’s your favorite fast food chain?
  • Least favorite fast food chain?
  • Favorite restaurant?
  • Do you cook?
  • Too 3 favorite foods?
  • If you could only dream about one thing for the rest of your life what would you pick? :heart:


  1. How are you feeling after being chosen?
  2. Favorite music genre?
  3. What can make your day from good to better?
  4. Do you like reading? If yes, then which genre? If no, then what’s your hobby?
  5. Favorite color?
  6. How will you react if you get to spend a month in your dream world?
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I wake up without automatically being super tired, probably go swimming, the weather isn’t terrible, get to talk to my friends, and also getting some work done on one of many projects I’m definitely doing.

It was loosely inspired by earlgreytea on episode, and it was going to be passionfruitsmoothie, since those are amazing, but I decided that would be too long and just shortened it to passionfruit!

The people! Everyone’s so nice and sweet! :two_hearts:

Ummmm… tough choice.
I like my pet pictures thread and my roleplay, because pets are adorable and the roleplay is highly entertaining.

Favorite thread that isn’t mine?

Sorry I’m really bad at picking favorites :pleading_face:

Favorite: Kiki’s delivery service

Least favorite: I dunno Coraline? That movie freaked me out when I first saw it, and I haven’t seen it since.

I actually really like the Crazy Rich Asians series, which I’m currently reading as slow as humanly possible, so I’m gonna go with that.
I dunno about least favorite, I can’t recall reading any books that I didn’t like, so probably my textbook from AP Chemistry. That book didn’t explain anything and I hate it.

Asked this one already :eyes:

Gotta love Idina Menzel! I wish I had her voice.

Least favorite? I dunno, most singers are pretty talented.

Favorite: Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Iconic.

Least favorite?
I dunno… There are actually characters I dislike but no one stands out right now.

I’m gonna take a break to grab some food, make sure to blow up my notifications in the meantime!


:pleading_face: :two_hearts:


How many RPs have you been in?

Would you like to join more?

Favorite section on the forums?

Best type of RP?

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I couldn’t describe it, because dreams are hard to describe, but I still remember it years later. :grimacing:

All of them?

One that was treated well and wasn’t threatened by poaching. Maybe a cat or some kind of bird, so I could fly?


It’s already incorporated, though. :rofl: I don’t have any made-up words for anything except for adding -ish and -ly to words incorrectly to change their part of speech.

I really want to visit Europa, but it’s not a planet. Of the planets, Mars.


“not a doctor” There’s a bit of context, feel free to ask about, but I’m gonna do other questions before geting to that.

My cat, Pearl!
I love her :two_hearts:

That I’m not currently studying, Spanish!

I can’t pick, so you’re getting a list, in no particular order.

  • Japan, to see the cool cultural things
  • France, to visit Marseilles, since the city is stunning
  • Sweden, to harassmeet @fraud
  • UK/Ireland, they’ve got a lot of cool stuff, but I don’t know much about either
  • Canada, to see family
  • Spain, to see it

It’s a dumb blonde joke and I think my friend would kill me for spreading it. (I also forget how it goes)

Who’s On First is pretty good though, so check that out if you haven’t.

  • Teal, followed by purple and black

Bit embarrassing but also good.

We haven’t talked much, but absolutely! I took a duck picture specifically so that I could send it to you and the duck cult. :green_heart:


December 11th!

capital letters are overrated

People who never listen to other people :angry:

Along the lines of @Duckling likes ducks

No, I wish I could draw that well.
It’s by Hyanna Natsu, check her out!

That really depends on my mood, but here are some top contenders.

  • a ton of songs from RENT
  • some songs from Mean Girls are great
  • Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman
  • Despacito (it’s really fun, although definitely overdone. also never the version with Bieber)
  • Bad Girlfriend


  • Not Another Song About Love
  • Remember When
  • I Miss the Misery
  • a whole bunch of stuff by set it off

I’m sure there’s more but that’s what came up first on my phone.

I don’t like pineapple unless we’re talking about pineapple flavored candy, so no. I don’t care if someone else has it, though.

Alan Turing!

I really like Moana and Mulan.

Spring! It has a nice aesthetic and the weather’s nice.

I like them, but some people get way too many.

No idea. Probably minimalist designs because I’m terrible with needles and pain.

  • Marianna (@anon80318563)
  • Katherine (or any other spelling)
  • Adriana/Ariana

No idea, I’m terrible with boy’s names.

Tea, 100%.
(I hate how coffee tastes)

Between midnight and 4am. Depends wildly on the day.


I don’t like them crowding around where people eat, it’s not good for them to eat our food and it’s also kind of annoying for them to crowd around everywhere. I’m not too bothered by them, though.


Yessss!!! COME!

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The third book in the Crazy Rich Asians series. I forget it’s title

Interesting characters, first and foremost! I also like stories with a plot that interests me and have good writing/directing.

My closest friends :two_hearts:

see my super long response earlier

Dance Monkey and Sweet but Psycho

Cardi B? I don’t really know a whole lot about singers

Yes! They’re really pretty.


Bacon :bacon: or something else super salty.


Pretty much all of them…

Probably a mexican restaurant. I could really go for some enchiladas…

If I’ve got the time! It’s really fun.

  • Sourdough bread
  • Feta cheese
  • Blackberries

Kittens :two_hearts:



I — uhhhhhh

First impressions of me vs. now?

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Quite stressed! There’s a lot to respond to, choices are hard, and there’s a whole bunch of notifications piling up.

Probably rock. :musical_note:

My cat :two_hearts:
If I’m hungry, eating
Taking a walk somewhere pretty

Yes, and fantasy is my favorite. I also like mystery and just general fiction.

Still teal.

Very happily?


:two_hearts::pleading_face: :two_hearts:


I’ve been in I think around 2 that actually started and did stuff. I’ve signed up for way more, though.

Currently am joining more, so I’m gonna have to say yes.

Forum games! they’re a lot of fun

Fun ones? I like mystery as a genre, but I think the people are also really what make the RP.

Plane tickets are expensive :pleading_face: also coronavirus

We discussed this, sourdough bread is delicious (but not on the East Coast)

You’re still incredibly sweet, although now I also get to experience your sense of humor :two_hearts:

Come on people, don’t let me get caught up with these!


After corona…? You can visit some other countries in Europe to make it worth it!


I’ll have to some time :pleading_face: There are a lot of other countries in Europe to visit as well, which would be cool to visit. I’d need to have a whole bunch of time to do half the things I would want to do :pleading_face:


What about me, I’m on the other side of America? :sweat_smile:

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I mean I’ve been to the east coast before, but it would still be cool to check it out. I’ll have to remember to harassmeet up with you if I’m ever over there.

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