Roleplaying Problems and How You Solve Them

While rp’ing everyone runs into problems. These can be that the rp doesn’t have as much activity as wanted but can also be personal problems.

One of this is:


There’s a thread about your fears while RPing but in it, it’s mostly sharing and not how you can solve them, so feel free to link your fears here as well and let’s give each other tips on how to reduce those fears a little.

For me one of the things I get uncertain of while RPing is:
Comparing myself with others.
I keep looking at how others write their posts and worry I’m not writing good responses and whenever or not my way of writing in a combination with my vocabulary in the English language is enough to satisfy the person I’m writing with.

But I’ve learned to let go of that since everyone has their own style and way of writing. It’s the same as talking. One person might be blunt and use simple words while someone else uses richer words and more variety. both are fine as long as you get the story across.

Something else you might run into is:

The length of your post

I’ve seen so many people bicker about how long an post should be, and yes, sometimes longer posts are nice to have since you have more to work with when you recieve them, but if you’re not goot at writing long posts, just try to give the other person a specific amount of information they can use.

for example I tell myself that I need to give them at least 5 different points of information of which at least 1 should be new or or at least initiate a new action.

This way you will always reach that 5 sentence limit that most rp have and your RP partner has something to work with.

So @RPers feel free to give your own advice and problems you have run into and maybe we can help each other to fix them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


just adding some tags

But very good tips, enjoyed by me, 10/10 Meeke!


haha YES :fist:


But is it still there at the back of your head? (Worried & curious)


Obviously with my fear of failure, it’s always there, but I’ve learned to just let it exist and not do anything with it.

I just enjoy what I do.
Its mostly when someone makes a comment about my post and I can’t clearly tell its a compliment that I’ll worry :grimacing:


Oh, yeah, I get that. My lack of confidence in what I do makes me like that too. I was just wondering if it had worked to remove it all together.

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I don’t think you can get rid if it completely but I think you can learn to live with it to a pojnt it doesn’t hold you back anymore.

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Yeah, that’s where I am. SIGH.

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I mean that’s still a good way you got. For me some things I’m there as well and other things I feel like I’m still taking the first step.

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i still need some time to accept that YOU DONT NEED TO WRITE LONG POSTS.

Yeah to be honest, I think that worrying about the length of your post only makes you probably not motivated… and it might also not make you write better (if you really are pushing it, but some are fine)

also that moment when you are losing interest in a conversation or actually have no motivation but want to continue it: just continue writing, see if it can get interesting by a few posts, or you can just end the conversation, really xDDD

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Yeah that’s a good one.
And if you are losing interest think for a bit what it is you’re missing and see if you can add it yourself.

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