RP Character Question Thread - Embry & Xavier

“He took me to this quiet spot and it seemed kind of romantic, but then he started talking and even though he was really gentle about it, I could put the pieces together as he spoke. At the time I couldn’t understand why he was doing it, which is why it hurt so much”

“Yeah, it did because I thought things were going well between us”

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried, but I really hope that it doesn’t come to that.”

“It isn’t going well for me so far.”

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“I’m not sure at this point”

“She does. I tried to keep it from her, but she kind of figured it out on her own.”

“I don’t think they’d be very happy with me to say the least.”

“Yes. Fighting with Daiane was the last thing I thought I’d be doing.”

“My mom’s friend is designing a suit for me to wear.”

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“I put Dai first because when I think about it, our relationship is still the one that has meant the most to me.”

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Welllll at least he didn’t like take on a trip to Paris or something and then get down on one knee and then break up with you

Are you worried that if it does, she’d choose Reuben over you??

Isnt going well how like let’s elaborate

Is this a positive or negative thing?
What does Demi think of the relationship?

Cute I stan

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But if @Caticorn wants to answer any remaining unanswered questions here, just let me know.