Should smoking be illegal?

I have many different thoughts on this so I’ll write the pro’s and cons of making it illegal:


  • Smoking isn’t just harmful to the person who does it, it affects those around them too, second hand smoke is also a killer.

  • If done properly it could encourage people to look at healthier ways of solving problems they believe are solved by smoking

  • There are already laws in place in terms of smoking, so it could be possible to ween people off

  • While people may claim freedom of choice, didn’t the people who died from second hand smoke inhalation have a choice too? Doubt they’d choose to die from inhaling a strangers smoke


  • People are addicted to it, therefore making it illegal could impact their mental health and a lot of funding would have to go into helping them which I doubt the government would be willing to do

  • There could be designated smoking areas which non-smokers simply aren’t allowed to go into and smokers can’t smoke outside of there, this would give people a choice if they wanted to keep smoking

  • It would be really difficult to enforce this law

So what do you guys think?



To be fair, there’s a way to slowly get those addicted off of smoking and if we get rid of it, the addiction stops after so many generations.

I never saw a reason to smoke so I say keep going and let’s get smoke free.
(if we can add canabis too, that would make me a happy meek)


It wouldn’t be easy to make it illegal. Smoking is a big industry which generates income for government and inside mafias. A lot of people economically depend on this type of business to get income.

But it should be made illegal, considering the present scenario. Covid has a higher chance of infecting a person with already weakened lungs than a person with normally healthy lungs. Smoking obviously damages your lungs and is responsible for serious cancers related to oral and respiratory system.


I can’t remember which year, but New Zealand is trying to become smoke-free by either 2025 or 2030. I’m quite sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, yeah, cool, that’s gonna be better for people’s health and wallet (as smoking is hella EXPENSIVE in NZ). Although, on the other hand, that’s people right. It can not only help with stress but also mental health, that’s not fair for those people.

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