Should the sale of human organs be legalized?

Selling human organs, in most countries, is illegal and this can lead to a black market and difficulties finding organs for transplants. Legalizing the general sale of human organs could prevent some of these drawbacks and theoretically could reduce many of the problems with the black market, including poor protections on organ donors. However, I am not very familiar with the benefits and drawbacks that legalizing the sale of human organs might entail.

Do you think that the sale of human organs should be legalized? Why or why not?



My main question is, where would the organs come from? Would it be your own organ? Or the organ of a dead relative? Or can people give you their organs to sell?

Obviously I’m not referring to those who steal organs because if we’re talking about making something legal then I wanna know what the legal way of selling an organ would be.

Obviously I think organ donation is rad and amazing but that is donating, not selling.



If I die I would totally donate my organs but if I’m still alive and someone really wants an organ I have two of and I don’t know that person that well and it could be detrimental to my health I might want a bit of compensation up front because… Well, things can go wrong :sweat_smile:

But I think some are “donating” organs for money like you can donate sperms and eggs for money. :thinking: I think that getting money for donating a healthy organ where you have to go through surgery only is realistic :smile:

And no to selling others’ organs without their permission/exploiting people who are under a lot of pressure.


Makes sense!


Oh hell nah


Exploitation is especially terrible when it’s something so irreversible like this


Okay yeah when you put it like that it does make sense


Yep :disappointed_relieved:



Technically I’m signed in my country as a future organ donor to when I die (tho I won’t be there when I die so idk how that works)
Idk if and which other countries have that but there’s just a thing you can sign yourself up to and you’re added to a list of death donors
So that’s nice
But it’s free lol


I think in the UK you get put on that list automatically now and you have to opt out

Honestly when I die I have no issue with people taking my organs


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Yeah the UK operates a Opt-Out policy, or well at least Scotland does. The policy I know is different depending on where in the UK you are located.

The big problem with legalising the sale of the Human organs is really “Where does it stop”. It would also be a policy that would favour the rich and hurt the poor. Some families would have multiple children just to sell off their organs to try and make ends meet. Not caring if the children die in the process.

Further from this, the people with money now have essentially a way of cheating death and organ donation goes from “giving someone a chance at life” to “Enough money can replace your body”.

The social-economical impacts would also have to be considered. You would be creating a new market overnight out of a Black Market. This won’t stop all the shady surgeons and groups who harvest organs from people, or under pay them but will make it harder to catch and prosecute as most are caught during the sale of the organ which would now be legal.

In the end there are some major issues with legalising the sale of something as valuable as Human organs.


I’m pretty sure England does too, I remember reading on it


Donating is great, selling makes me feel uncomfortable about it.


Like, as long as the person the organs came from gave them up voluntarily.


Read a series of books that explored this. It was legalized and then people and science made it so that stuff like brains could be replaced as well… so eventually rich people would just switch out their organs and limbs and stuff when something happened… or when they didn’t like them. Like switch out their legs for an athlete’s. But this would lead to people going out looking for people to kill for their organs…
Yeah I’m very much against it lmao.
Donating is just fine.


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