So Far So Good With Characters?

Alright guys, I’m back. Work got me busy like craaaazyyy and episode forums. So, I’m going to need help to make sure my characters are good to go. I’m working on a Halloween Contest, so i want to know if the features of my characters are good. My story is going to be short, not that long.

CORSEN - Ginger - Witch

YUAN CHEN - Asian American - Pirate

DYSHELLE - African American - Bumblebee


They look great to me!

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They look nice!


Please let me know if i need to change features.

RONTAY - African American - Nick Fury


Looks great!

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Eye love them all! Especially wow that you managed to make one look Asian. I remember struggling with that a while ago

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yay and oh!

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How are your characters doing, Lana? Finished the story yet?

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nope, not yet.

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@lanafrazer how is everything going? Do you want to keep this thread open?

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U can close. :wink: