Some Concerns About the Forums + Staff Team

I feel left out on this forums

I wish there was something I could do to help! DM me if you need help :heart:


mostly just eating cereal and school work and st-

oh, you meant on the forums. uh… leader stuff


What do I do if I want to flag a post, but I don’t want to at the same time because either their my friend or it’ll be super obvious I flagged it…

DM @ChaoticDeluge and he will do his best to keep your anonymity


Checking if threads are pg 13
Trying to make guides on copyright and plagerisum rp specific.
Checking if rp creators need help with RPs
Closing inactive RPs and sign ups

Figuring out how to best help the rp community grow both in the normal section and the restricted


These are all great questions and answers.


Join some cults then, I recommend the Star Cult if you’re looking for an eyemazing community with over 50 super friendly and mostly active members. :eyes::sparkles::green_heart: Or just PM me so I can turn you into a duck we can become friends :innocent::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


Yep. Mostly housekeeping, keeping everything neat and tidy ^^


And starting discussions about roleplays and making threads to help improve roleplaying techniques!

omg happy forum anniversary @liyahsdiamond (;


Sometimes I feel like the mods don’t acknowledge me on here.

I noticed this idea coming up a lot. People getting upset that the mods don’t like every post and stuff like that?

Like there are over 400 people on the forums and we’re only human! We have a lot to do! I think some people think we’re robots or that our only job is to please people!

Our main jobs are:

  • Keeping the forums active
  • Keeping the forums safe for all users
  • Trying to find ways to bring in new users
  • Trying to find ways for me to pay for the forums so that I don’t go bankrupt

While our mods love speaking to you, we are all here for free and we are trying our best. This isn’t like the Episode forums where the mods get paid and this is their full-time job!


Oh thank you. :yellow_heart:


Yep! Building guides especially, and making sure to keep this place active by starting new roleplays and staying chatty to hear your guys’s thoughts and different opinions. (:


Your profile pic is so cute. Can’t stop lookin at it




Could you explain freedom of speech in relation to PMs? Do forum violations count or is there no way of knowing until they are flagged?

There’s a real difference between freedom of speech and breaking rules! After all, the forums are technically my private property, so I do get to choose what goes in them. It’s like, “not on my property”, you know? If your posts break the rules, I’d rather you make them somewhere else with different rules, unless you want to pay me a full salary so that I can make money from this place instead of it being voluntary.

But even more than that, we need to balance people’s ability to be safe with speech. We kinda expect our users to be mature and not break the rules in PMs. NO sexting underage people, for example. And we expect you all to have enough respect for me and the forums, and not want to see me thrown in jail or pay thousands in fines! So please flag things if they’re against the rules/law! We won’t go through your messages unless we have a reason to believe that something super unsafe is happening or we get flagged in. If that happens, I will PM you directly to let you know it’s happening first.

There are some rules we do let slide in PMs:

  • You can swear
  • You can make 18+ content if everyone in the PM is 18+ (PLEASE CHECK FIRST)
  • You can make 15+ content if everyone in the PM is 15+ (PLEASE CHECK FIRST)



Guides! That was the word I was looking for haha


Did you guys choose your friends as mods and leaders?

Lol there have been people on the staff team in the past that I don’t think I would be friendly with if they weren’t on the staff team. We have a professional working relationship, if that is the case. I’ve clearly had disagreements with some of the staff members!

But actually, it’s usually the other way around! Most of the people on the Staff Team weren’t close with me or the other Heads before they joined the Staff Team! They join the staff chat and then we all get along and make friends and it’s great!


The only real pre-existing relationship was Shannii and myself, though since we made the Forums together, I’d say that gets a pass


To be extremely honest, I barely knew anyone on the staff team when I joined other than RP staff (because I’m in too many RPs for my own good) but I got to know some pretty wonderful people on the staff team and I’ve grown to really care about them and I feel pretty close with them (:


I friends with Hanna1, melancholy and MeghanWrites before they came a leader. The rest was afterwards. I didn’t really speak much with them before that