The Best Writing Advice YouTube Channels

So I thought we all could share some good youtube channels we listen too.

if you wanna add to the list please answer this

title :
Why this one:
link :

title : Overly Sarcastic Productions
Why this one: a lot of videos about different things but I really recommend the Trope Talk series, it goes in dept with different story aspect and how they are executed
link : Overly Sarcastic Productions - YouTube

title : Writing with Jenna Moreci
Why this one: Jenna is an author herself I am reading her book right now and I would recomand it. and average reader. she makes many videos and top ten list of what to do and not to.
link : Writing with Jenna Moreci - YouTube

title : iWriterly
Why this one: she is about to publish her debut novelle. but she works with publishing, so she knows what the publishers want in the books since she has been one who chose which books did get publish, like Jenna she also makes top ten list of what to do and not to do
link : iWriterly - YouTube

title :Author Level Up
Why this one: he has a lot of videos for spicific topics on writhing, and has publish books
link : Author Level Up - YouTube

title : terrible writing advice
Why this one: this one is more of a what not to do for writhing. it has many funny kinda animated videos about bad writhing ideas, its basically a list of things to avoid in your story
link : Terrible Writing Advice - YouTube




Ugh. I hate her. She’s such a hypocrite.

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I love her! :joy:

Title: Reedsy

Why this one: They give live sessions with established authors, editors, proofreaders and so many more. They have helpful videos on how to line edit, how to plot a book etc. They also have a discovery page on their blog where they do reviews for your books.

Link: Reedsy - YouTube

@Writers - What are some of the Youtube channels you recommend?


Jenna Moreci
Olivia Dunn

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