The Enlightenment salon - Realism in stories

Enlightenment salons were places made during the 18th century where men and women discussed anything about politics, literature, arts and other ideas.

What is the Enlightenment

The Enlightenment was a movement started in Europe that aimed to bring peace in a chaotic world using reason and good sense.

I’ve always liked this concept and I thought it would be good to create a thread to exchange ideas and concepts that have some background in realism.

Making a story realistic isn’t required of course but sometimes it can be appreciated and it can make readers feel more involved in it.

To give you an example: I’m a sci-fi writer, I love a good sci-fi but 90% of the time I struggle to understand a story as they may not give us a good scientific background to validate their theories (a TV-Show that comes to my mind is Lost in Space which is an ok TV show but how in hell are they capable of always finding habitable planets?).
This can be applied to anything: if you write a fantasy world with kings/emperors how does the politics work there considering there are different types of creatures/magical beings? If you write an horror story, how does whatever creature work? What’s their biology?

If you’re writing any type of story and you’re struggling to back it up with realism, drop your concerns below so others can help you!


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I’m writing a fantasy story and I’m not good at making things very realistic. I like blurring the lines a bit and playing on the imagination.


It’s not necessary if you don’t want to :thinking:

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