The Happy New Year Thread!

Okay everybody it’s that time of year where we wish each other a happy new year when midnight hits. I’m from the UK so HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Feel free to use this as a kinda party/fun/happy thread and feel free to tell us how you’re spending your new year! Personally I’m home alone watching videos :smiley:

@Discussions get here :triumph:


I think this will explain how things are celebrated here in the netherlands, because despite firework being illegal this time, people still managed to blow things up and cause fires.

But it was a lot less than before:

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I personally just don’t like fireworks :joy: but I guess people wanna start the year off with a bang

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I’m terrified of firework but we just stand on a safe place and watch other people light it.

But there’s a difference between these and just small bombs.

During this new year a 12 year old boy died and a 11 year old got badly injured because someone did something stupid which caused a granade like effect.

I’m staying inside as much as possible.


Ohhhh that’s really pretty! I didn’t get any pictures of the ones here but the public display was cancelled anyway :joy:

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Yeah unlike most countries, we celebrate by everyone buying firework individually and firing it at 12.

images (4)

But also illegal fire crackers that can blow up a lot, the forst few minutes of the video I send says enough

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3 minutes till the new year!

Happy new year everyone!

I just got back yesterday from a trip to the USA where I hung out with my best friend, so I’m spending New Year’s Eve at home, listening to music, chatting with friends online, watching videos, and working on my story. A friend I hadn’t seen in 2 years is in town, and I was going to go visit her, but she told me that it’d be better to go tomorrow because it’s dangerous to drive alone in the dark to her place.

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