The most underrated film/movie thread (discussion)

What do you guys think is the most underrated film in existance?

Personally, I don’t like how underrated the Percy Jackson movies are. They aren’t true to the books and yeah sure the books are better but the movies really aren’t that bad!

I also think the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies are heavily underrated.

So let’s discuss!


The Virgin Suicides is a very underrated film. If you don’t know what it is about, it’s about 5 sisters who are sheltered by their religious mum after their youngest sister (who was 13) committed suicide. It’s a very good film, it portrays mental health and suicide respectfully and it’s pretty much a cautionary tale for parents that shelter their children like that.


I think Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is really underrated. I wanted to watch it for some time but never bought it because everyone told me it’s soooooo bad. Now I’ve finally watched it and it’s really good, maybe a bit rushed at times but the actors are great! And the story isn’t bad either.

I think Spiderman: Into the spiderverse is a very underrated movie.
The graphics are amazing and those split second scenes where it turns into a comic is epic!
The plot is also great, and all the characters are amazing too!

I’ve watched Stardust, a movie from 2007, a few days ago and it was really good. I’ve never heard of it before and all my friends didn’t know it, so I looked it up on the Internet and found a lot of people saying it’s bad, but it really isn’t!

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It’s such a good movie!

first one I ever watched that had a bit of a sexual moment

I had no idea what was going on though :joy: but honestly the book is great too and by my favourite author Neil Gaiman

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There’s a book as well?! Why have I never heard of it? :scream:

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I think the film “Wonder” needs more attention. It’s really good. I watched it by accident (it was on TV one day randomly) and I ended up hooked.

I’ve watched “Speak” a few times now and tried finding some reviews on it, but many of them are really negative and I don’t understand why. It’s actually really good.


The Rise of The Guardians does not get the recognition it deserves!
You have Jack Frost, The Tooth Fairy, Santa, The Easter Bunny, Sand Man, Boogy Man- and the simple act of believing.

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Ahhh @BlackBlood The Rise of The Guardians was sooo good!

I think an underrated movie is The Fundamentals of Caring (link to YT trailer). I’ve never seen anyone talk about it!! It’s on Netflix with Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez, but hardly had any promotion well, at least in the UK because Netflix is too busy promoting Sierra Burgess Is A Loser and The Kissing Booth!!

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this thread was underrated :pensive:
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