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Or maybe you could do a daily short interview? :eyes::sparkles: Of course only if it’s not too much work :eyes::sparkles::blush:


That sounds more like it could be a talk show :thinking:

I personally thought about perhaps doing 2-3 people next week and 2-3 the next. So I can have a moderator special where I can interview some of the mods or an Roleplayer special where I interview seversl roleplayers etc…

Because I’m not sure if I have enough time to do it daily and I would run out of people quite fast, I think.

I’ll see how it goes, either way I will PM these people when the time comes :eyes:


And if I’m too busy I can always use guest writers and reporters. Kind of what the whole “made by forumers for forumers” thing was about. People could add their own news in the post as well

I also really want to interview the forumer of the month as well, but it’s still a mystery on who’s it gonna be :thinking:


Maybe you should create a thread where humans can apply to get interviewed :thinking::eyes::sparkles:
And you could hire an assistant if you don’t have enough time :thinking::eyes::sparkles:


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Forumer News Magazine

Date: October 24 2019
Edition: #3

Having been quite preoccupied this week due to having been picked as the question star last week. I have only been able to write 2 articles instead of 3 , but feel free to add your own forum news-worthy story in if you like. Forumer magazine is after all made by and for forum users.

Power couple @ShanniiWrites and @ChaoticDeluge tied the knot in Final Fantasy XIV

October 20th 2019, was the official date ShanniiWrites and Chaotic Deluge decided to have LGBTQ wedding on Final Fantasy XIV. An event where everyone could witness the couple get online married in the game.

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Shanni announced the wedding on the same day in the thread ; Deluge and Shannii's Wedding Stream! Where she gleefully told the public she would be holding an LGBTQ wedding as she and her boyfriend Deluge 's , in-game avatars, known as Darquesse Edgelly & Guinevere Reign. Would officially be joined in matrimony. The event was held in a beautiful chapel and was attended by their close friends in the game,while some of our forum users, were able to watch everything via the Twitch stream. Both chats were overjoyed seeing the couple finally tying the knot. As congratulations came flooding in once the they shared their first kiss as wife and wife.

(For the record Shanni and Deluge only in-game married not actually married)

Get to know the Pub quiz champion record holder @anon68003072

An honorary forumer and new addition to the forum staff Eleanor has gathered up quite an impressive resume throughout her time on the forums. Having won Forumer of the month just 2 months ago in September. You might have also seen her obliterating her competition during the Pub quiz each week. As current record holder for the most Pub quiz wins, having received 6 badges to date. This girl is the definition of a forum celebrity.

So that’s why “Forumer News Magazine” wanted to talk to her all about her life on the forums. From her beginnings as the new girl on the block to the bizarro emo girl we have all to come to love.

Read the interview here

An interview with the incredible Eleanor_W-15

Q= question A= answer

Q: First before I begin with questioning you about your pub quiz achievements. I first want to congratulate you on becoming a leader on this forum! How do you feel ?
A: I feel great honestly, you know that feeling of really wanting something and finally getting the opportunity? Well, I have that and I’m honestly really thankful that I got chosen. I’m looking forward to working with my fellow staff members and seeing what the future holds!

Q: Well you came a long way, from being a new forum on the block to a respected leader on the forums. But how did that all start in the first place? What made you decide to join Shanni’s forum?
A: My friend @Badass_Saasha recommended it to me on the other forum. She told me it had a dark mode and I found out a lot of my other friends were already on it, so it was pretty easy to communicate with them as I have known them over a year! They all know who they are and I love them all. As for communicating with the people I don’t know, it kinda came naturally as everything is so laid back here. It was actually my friends that suggested to me months ago that when the time came I should apply to be a leader.

Q: So how what was it like for you upon joining the forums? Did you make friends easy or did you have a hard time adjusting?
A: Well like I said earlier I already knew quite a lot of people, however there were a lot of people I didn’t know. I made the choice to treat everybody like a friend, I also realised I had a lot of things in common with people. Simply by adding to discussions and stating my opinion I drew attention to myself and before I knew it, I was in love with this place.

Q: After getting used to the forums for some time. What made you eventually interested in joining the Pub quiz? And how did your first game go?
A: I have always loved quizzes, especially quizzes on general trivia. As for the first pub quiz I ever did I think it was a tie. I had 3 points out of 10 which for a while was the low score I kept winning with! It is only recently that my scores have started getting higher. It was really fun and a great way to meet people.

Q: Would you have ever expected that you would be the record holder of the most of amount of Pub quiz champion badges, back then?
A: No :joy: I didn’t even set out to hold a record I just did my best every week making educated guesses. I never even thought I would win I just wanted to learn something, after all getting questions wrong and learning the answer is how I gain knowledge.

Q: What do you think attributed to your many wins? Have you practised in any trivia games before or are using any special techniques when answering?
A: I like to have a small amount of knowledge in every topic simply for use in quizzes or conversation. Although there are some things I have way more knowledge in because those are things which actually interest me, like music and film etc etc. However, it is always good to be prepared and make as much of an educated guess as possible. As for the time limit, you gotta think fast.

Q: Looking at your track record it’s very clear that you know a lot of trivia, but what is your opinion the topic you know least about?
A: Oh gosh any mathematical topic I can’t stand maths. I can still make educated guesses but it makes me want to cry.

Q: Now that ChaoticDeluge has resigned how are you enjoying the new Pub Quiz, held by @StarMarygoth? Does it feel any different in comparison to previous games?
A: I like Mary’s quizzes, although no offense to her or anything because those questions are awesome I just find them a little easy but compared to Deluge’s old quizzes anything is easy. To give people a taste of a Deluge quiz, think of the hardest test you have ever done and multiply it by 10. You never know, if Deluge hadn’t stretched my brain so much I wouldn’t find Mary’s quizzes as easy. (@StarMaryGoth I still love your quizzes thank you for doing them every week you are a precious angel and must be protected at all costs). Something that amuses me is figuring out which horror movie will be in the background of me doing the quiz. Last week it was Suspiria.

Q: Speaking of Deluge, rumour has it that Deluge is willing to give you a smartass badge and title if you manage to win another 4 pub quizzes. How do you feel about that?
Pub Quiz - 19/10/2019 🥳

A: That would be amazing because it would be so special, I like having something to work towards. It motivates me.

Q: Besides winning another pub quiz, have you gotten any plans for the future that we should look out for? Any new leader activities perhaps or thread ideas?
A: Well keep your eye out, I’m in charge of the events calendar now so I will be adding things on there all the time. Keep your eyes peeled :eyes:.

Hmm, perhaps I will adjust some of the questions here and there and depending on your answers. Or add more if we really want to get into it :thinking: But I think as of right now these are already quite a lot for one article.

Other news

What to look out for next week: I will be holding 2 interviews instead of one :wink:
Also a quick look at some exclusive lounge activity :shushing_face:


These are consistently top notch, and also what adorable coverage of the wedding :revolving_hearts:


Thank you very much! The wedding was fun to watch and actually gave me the opportunity to add pictures with a news article. Something I hoped to do for a while now :camera_flash:


This was a great way for me to tell people I’m in charge of the forum events calendar :joy: I only just realised


Production value :eyes:

For those wondering, the one pictured is @ShanniiWrites, I’m not a bunnygirl :joy:




No your darquesse


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