The Ongoing TV Thread

I wanted to open this as something of a sister thread my ongoing gaming discussion. Hopefully it will be continually evolving as things come out or people return to their old favourites in terms of TV shows!

At the moment im watching Game of Thrones of course, but also One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100.

What is everyone else watching?



I’m watching Ace Attorney right now. Love it.

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I wasn’t so keen on Ace Attorney at first :flushed: glad you’re enjoying it though!

One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 will never not be genius xD

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Anyone else watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?

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This Ongoing TV Thread does not seem very ongoing.


It’s not really at the moment. >.<

Shannii and I are watching a whole bunch of shows but none of them are new or ongoing xD

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Supernatural, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Supergirl. I’m planning on watching Death Note ( Anime, not the movie ) though.


I just started watching Pose yesterday.

It’s amazing.

Well then, how sad.

Well technically they would be ongoing for you guys at least until you finished them so wouldnt that count.

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True! I’ve seen most of them before too xD

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Vampire Diaries
One Punch Man
Soul Eater
Supernatural (kinda, not really)
Brooklyn 99
Konosubarashii sekai ni syukufuku wo
Attack on Titan (we watched like 5 episodes of season 3 and stopped)
Heirs (kinda, not really)


Ive never that but I hear its good. I used to called it Bucky the Vampire Slayer until someone finally corrected me.

Thats the one with the vampires.

Im assuming both of these are animes – which I do not watch.

Fun. Its an okay show for what its worth, I watch it very on and off.

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Never watched Heirs

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Buffy is one of my favourite shows of all time, next to Stargate tbh. I love them to bits, cheese and all. It’s the first time watching Buffy for @ShanniiWrites and we’re having a blast with it!

Yep, the one with the Vampires.

You don’t watch anime? Any reason why?

I only really liked Supernatural up to season 5. So when Shannii got past that point I lost interest big time.

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Heirs is a perfectly servicable and fine K-Drama. It’s honestly really average and just kinda fine? Not too creepy and stalkery like most K-dramas, but also not too progressive so it doesn’t shock me into liking it too much. It’s just there.

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Nope. No specific reason why it’s just not my thing I guess

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Interesting. I would say it’s more of a medium than a genre so it’s like saying film isn’t my thing.

But that’s fair enough, it’s a lot of time to find the genre or the production company for you, time better spent on other stuff

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That makes sense.

Definitely. Although now that I think about it I’m pretty sure I’ve seen like 3 and a half anime’s because of my ex-sister.

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Most likely, to be honest. Most people have seen something

I would recommend a few, just depends on the person. There’s always something you can probably like.

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Possibly. Just randomly which ones would you recommend the most?

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My Hero Academia. If you like superhero films or comics, this anime was written by a massive Marvel fan and it really shows. It’s basically just an Avengers film spread out over seasons

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This is basically European fantasy? But instead of high fantasy magic it has super interesting alchemy and science-magic. It’s one of the best written TV shows of all time, and has my favourite characters in all of media.

Death Note. A crime-thriller with supernatural elements that is ridiculously clever and fun to watch. It’s also told from the perspective of the villain, it basically challenges the viewer to think about the difficult questions the show asks from different points of view.

One Punch Man. Erm. This anime was insanely popular in the west? It’s a comedy centred around the apathy that follows when a superhero gets so strong he can kill anything in one punch. It’s a deceptively great series.

I have tons more, but those are the ones I’d pick as recommendations