The Prima Donna's Opera! Updates & Sneak Peeks

Andd were live! I’ve decided to make an update thread for my new upcoming story! That I’m actually working hard on this time. Where I will be providing information on characters, sneak peeks of chapters. Overall updates and discuss the story in general. I’m also open to ideas so feel free! :performing_arts:


Elora is a beautiful opera singer at the well-known and famed GrandDusk Opera House. She leads the majority of the plays and has been rumored to have a singing voice as fluid as liquid gold. Thousands come to see her performances and songs especially her family who have always been there to support her- Even with her pushy mother. Ever since she
became a star at The Opera House at such a young age. She’s been arranged to marry two men Giovanni and Donovan. Giovanni being the lead male performer of the Opera House…Albeit him being a kind and talented man. Her heart also belongs to Donovan- A charming carriage driver and puppeteer she meets. As she becomes more successful alongside rising deaths and mysteries around the Opera House. Torn between trying to please her constantly roaring audience alongside the two men she’s given her heart to. Elora truly has a heavy burden on her shoulders.

What you will find in the story:

:movie_camera: Setting: 1881, Paris.
:movie_camera: A refreshingly kind MC.
:movie_camera: Two Love Interests, Both Male.
:movie_camera: Limited CC for MC.
:movie_camera: Plot Twists.
:movie_camera: Inspiration: The Phantom Of The Opera.
:movie_camera: More obstacles than just the mean girl.
:movie_camera: Different Endings.
:movie_camera: Semi-Meaningful Choices.
:movie_camera: Official Trailer: DECEMBER 24TH.
:movie_camera: Limelight Characters.


Meet Elora! The character you will be playing as and a dashing Opera Singer at the Grandusk Opera House.



Feel free to ask questions! When any art, sneak peeks or anything of that nature is dropped I’ll notify anyone who’s interested in the upcoming story. As for now, Here’s a few sneak peeks! :performing_arts:


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