The RP/SG Quizzes

not me not knowing any of these

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This is me with all the quizzes, including future ones. HAHA. That’s why I’m happy just setting the quizzes. HEHE

@Ouijaloveletters, you never answered questions 1-5 & 15
@angelic, you missed questions 4 & 15
@elixr, I’m sorry but I’ve refreshed multiple times and still it shows no vote from you on question 15. (worried)


Oh, I’ll do that!

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Hey @FTDFam & @Westerians, why not have a guess at this quiz and see if you can gain glory from winning a New Blood quiz. Think of the bragging rights you’ll get. (wink)

Also, Online-ites:

Wanna guess some quiz answers?

@Cadborosa, @ForeverAngel, @Bluecookies, @unsungcheerio, @bpalmer, @ethereal,


The Quiz Two winner is…

BR: New Blood - characters Part I Part II Part III Total
@angelic 1 - 3 4
@astxrism 5 5 5 15
@benitz786 2 4 3 9
@FuzilladeBlue 1 4 - 5
@Caticorn 5 2 4 11
@elixr 2 1 1 4
@idiot.exe 1 1 1 3
@Kbail 3 4 3 10
@Littlefeets 5 4 5 14
@LunaticLeviTheSecond 2 1 2 5
@Nil 4 - 4 8
@novella 3 - 3 6
@Ouijaloveletters 1 3 2 6
@Kristi 2 2 1 5
@Tina.G 1 1 2 4

Quiz One Answers

Who are they?
Question 1:

Which was the first student character to have a New Blood RP post?
Paige Pierce - found here

Question 2:

Whose passion for art comes from their father’s artistic eye from photography?
Laurel Parker

Question 3:

Who grew up in Australia?
Tyler Campbell

Question 4:

When starting high school at Cerulean, the first thing WHO did was join the soccer team?
Xavier Pestana

Question 5:

Who is a 17-year-old heterosexual female?
Denise Copeland

What has happened?
Question 6:

Which two characters did @Ouijaloveletters’ Kim Hyun-Ae talk to first?
Athena Lee & Reuben Pascual - found here

Question 7:

Whose mother warned them that the competition would be too overwhelming for them?
Nari Hyeon Moon - found here

Question 8:

How many conversations has @Andi’s Charlotte Bekker had so far?
3 - one with Hera Zhou, one with Victoria Rinaldi, and one with Destiny Howard

Question 9:

Which pairing was talking about films and lead actresses?
Eddie Flynn & Florence Carter - found here

Question 10:

Did @astxrism’s Finley Wolf Klein arrive to the school in his 1969 mustang?
No, he arrived in a stolen car. He jsut saw the car parked outside the school.

Nominations & the like...
Question 11:

Who was voted the character who is the most villainous?
Annie Williams - found here

Question 12:

Whose parents were not nominated for the best character 'ship award?
Alexander Beaumont - found here

Question 13:

Whose mother was voted the most down to earth?
Veronica Charlotte Parker - found here

Question 14:

Who is a child of a previous Blue Royalty winner?
Natalia Stokes - found here

Question 15:

Which two characters are currently atop the “hitting that” list?
Amelia Grace Taylor-DeLoughrey & Charlotte Bekker - found here


Sigh… I missed one… but great job @astxrism!

Sigh… So many people voted Laurel… no… Jez would never say the competition would be too overwhelming for her… just that Laurel didn’t have to compete if she didn’t want to.


When I create the “hitting that” list and forget who’s on it :woozy_face:


I don’t understand. I only got this question from what was said in writing in posts.

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This really shows how obsessed I am…


Yeah, sorry, I meant before it closed lmao

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I’m just sighing at the number of people that got it wrong by guessing Laurel.

Same for me :joy:


The first poll for Quiz Three

So which RP or SG shall we start with?
  • Adventure Story RPs
  • Adventure Story SG
  • Alone RP
  • An RP character party
  • Blue Royalty Miscellaneous RP
  • Blue Royalty: New Blood RP
  • Charmed Coven SG
  • Curse of Brindton High RP
  • D&D Adventure Begins SGs
  • Eureka High RP
  • Fairytaled RP
  • Genoster’s 1x1 RP
  • Harry Potter Munchkin - 7th Year Girls
  • Realms of Westeria RP
  • SAW RP
  • Seven Days RP
  • “Started with a Prompt” RP
  • The Bachelor(ette) SG
  • The Fall of Atalesta 1x1 RP
  • Zodiac: Homecoming RP

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Online-ites, we have a draw:

@unsungcheerio, @ethereal, @raviola, @Caticorn, @Kbail, @Kristi, @Cadborosa, @angelic


Okay, a tie-breaking poll for Quiz Three

So which RP or SG shall we start with?
  • Blue Royalty Miscellaneous RP
  • Harry Potter Munchkin - 7th Year Girls
  • “Started with a Prompt” RP
  • Zodiac: Homecoming RP

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Online-ites, wanna cast two votes on the extra poll?

@Bexs, @Ouijaloveletters, @unsungcheerio, @Caticorn, @benitz786, @idiot.exe, @Owertym, @astxrism, @CerealKiller, @Madilnel, @raviola, @ethereal, @megan,


@RPers, please help break the tie! ^^^


The second poll for Quiz three

RP/SG: Blue Royalty: Miscellaneous RP

So which part of Blue Royalty: New Blood shall we quiz on?
  • Characters
  • Dialogue
  • Events & Stuff
  • FaceClaims
  • Posts
  • Relationships
  • School
  • Social Media
  • Statistics
  • Tasks & the Website
  • 2-3 options
  • Something else (comment below)

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@RPQuiz & @NewBlood

Online-ites, please more votes?!

@benitz786, @sunflower.flow, @novella, @Caticorn, @Ouijaloveletters, @Meekepeek, @raviola, @CerealKiller, @FuzilladeBlue, @ethereal, @bpalmer, @Cadborosa, @unsungcheerio, @Kristi, @Skyler2, @phlegmatic, @Kate


RP/SG Quiz Three
Blue Royalty | Miscellaneous

So, @RPQuiz & @NewBlood, you have about 24 hours to join the quiz. If you are unsure of the answers then just guess, 'cause then you’ll have more chance of getting it right. (wink)
There are three posts below that make up the whole quiz!


Part I - Characters
Who are they?

1. Which 18-year old female character is bisexual?
  • Hayden Stanford
  • Jessica Pierce
  • Mareena Stokes
  • Reina Monroe

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2. Who learnt from their father how to be prideful and always make sure to look their best?
  • Dominic Lucier
  • Elodie May DeLoughrey
  • Luciano Ribeiro
  • Marie Larson

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3. What is Jordan Williams’ middle name?
  • Bex
  • James
  • Leon
  • Mallory

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4. How many characters did TL_DR/@accalia have?**
  • None
  • One
  • Two
  • Three

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5. Who created the NPC, Penelope Russo?

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Part II - Events & Stuff
What are they?

6. A Secret Santa happens on December 19th, is it mandatory?
  • Yes
  • No

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7. Where do the the profits from ‘Oh My Dollar Valintine’ go?
  • A charity voted on by the school
  • The head girl & boy get to decide
  • The senior prom
  • The school’s soccer team

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8. Where are they going from the 7-9th April?
  • A camping trip
  • A spa weekend away
  • Band camp
  • Soccer camp

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9. What will impact your Blue Royalty score immensely?
  • Befriending a model in the Beryl Heights Fashion Show
  • Attending the Beryl Heights Fashion Show
  • Modelling in the Beryl Heights Fashion Show
  • Judging the Beryl Heights Fashion Show

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10. When is the date of the last soccer game?
  • 30th April
  • 1st May
  • 15th May
  • 30th May

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Part III - Posts
What was written?

11. Who wrote an alternate world flashback scene for Jessica & Kai?

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12. What year was Raphael & Eve’s conversation with their parents set in?
  • 2020
  • 2025
  • 2030
  • 2035

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13. During the summer of 2039, which two characters were lying in the grass together?
  • Elodie & Riker
  • Jessica & Dorian
  • Sadie & Jordan
  • Xavier & Tyler

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14. Who was Dorian DeLoughrey looking for at the 2032 ball?
  • Jessica
  • Kai
  • Little Zoe
  • Shay

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15. After a party in 2039, who did Ezekiel Griffin send two texts to?
  • Annie
  • His older sister
  • His unnamed mate at the party
  • Jason

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