The Sarcasm Game

Welcome to the Sarcasm Game!

In this game, all you have to do is post a question, and the person who posts next has to post a sarcastic answer to that question, as well as a new question.

~ Example ~

A: Is the sky blue?
B: No, it’s obviously purple. Why are the leaves of plants green?
C: Because people paint them green, duh!

I’ll start —

Is that a cat?


No that’s some alien saying meow all the time. Is eating a chicken cannibalism?

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Nope, it means Hannibalism :smirk:

Are you deaf?


No I’m blind you buffoon

Why am I sick


Because you probs listened to Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers (I don’t like that song much BTW).

Are you a fan of procrastination?


Definitely, I adore it when my work isn’t just magically done by my looking at it for an hour

Why do people still use light mode on these forums


Because people love being blinded

Why was this thread not made sooner?


Because people are bat-sh*t lazy AF.

Why do people like to snore while sleeping?!

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Because they just want the attention.

Why is gravity a thing?


You tell me, why is Physics a thing?

Would you like to replace Donald Trump?

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No, he’s doing a great job bribing everyone and that’s exactly how democracy is supposed to work.

Which one is better, day or night?

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I guess afternoon, 'cuz why achieve the extremes when you can achieve mediocrity and still be happy?

Did you know that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth frickin’ DIVORCED?!

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It was a total surprise I never saw that coming

Is the earth flat?

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No, it’s clearly a triangular prism.

Does a keyboard have keys?

No, it’s called a tileboard, ofc it has keys!

Should I drink water?

No drink cyanide, it’s much healthier.

Why do sharks attack?

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Because people are just so fvcking sweet, they can’t resist.

What’s your favorite tv show?

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The one that’s shown on tv.

Why do people go on talent shows?


Because they have talent … obviously

Why do people like to dance