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The Selection

Illea was built on the ashes of the former United States, which was destroyed after losing World War III to China. The resulting country (the American State of China) rebuffed an invasion from Russia which led the entire area of North America to be led by one man: George Illea. George declared himself king and Illea was born. Illea spans from the bottom tip of Central America all the way up to the northernmost parts of Canada. It is cut up into 35 provinces, some named after their old names (ex. Carolina is named after South and North Carolina) and some are more difficult to figure out.

After the war, a society was formed putting people in castes. Castes are what separates the different kinds of people and your social ranking in the world. Illea is divided up into 8 different castes. Once you are born into your caste, you are destined to your caste and the only way you can move is through marriage or through the selection.


Ones: Royalty and Religious Figures

Twos: Celebrities, Athletes, Pop Stars, Politicians, and Military and Police Officers

Threes: Scientists, Doctors, Philosophers, Writers, and Other Educated Professionals

Fours: Business Owners and Managers

Fives: Performers

Sixes: Secretaries, Housekeepers, Seamstresses, Cooks and Clerks

Sevens: Manual Laborers

Eights: Homeless People, the Sick, and other Undesirables


Allens - @benitz786 (Second Character) :butterfly:
Angeles - @angelic :butterfly:
Atlin - @fal.renet1398 :butterfly:
Baffin - @aesthetic :butterfly:
Bankston - @Dusk :butterfly:
Belcourt - @BrookieK :butterfly:
Bonita - @benitz786 :butterfly:
Calgary - @Kat (Second Character) :butterfly:
Carolina - @Littlefeets :butterfly:
Clermont - @SageHeart :butterfly:
Columbia - @anon82166736 :butterfly:
Dakota - @BlondeGlassesGirl :butterfly:
Denbeigh -
Dominica -
Fennley - @Madilnel :butterfly:
Hansport - @raviola :butterfly:
Honduragua - @Jass (Second Character) :butterfly:
Hudson - @mira_bella (Third Character) :butterfly:
Kent -
Labrador - @Megan :butterfly:
Lakedon -@angelic(second character) :butterfly:
Likely- @mira_bella :butterfly:
Midston - @mira_bella (Second Character) :butterfly:
Ottaro - @Caticorn :butterfly:
Paloma -
Panama - @BlondeGlassesGirl (Second Character) :butterfly:
Sonage - @celestialkitten :butterfly:
Sota - @MeghanWrites :butterfly:
St. George - @GlitterFist (Second Character) :butterfly:
Sumner -
Tammins - @Kat :butterfly:
Waverly - @metanoia :butterfly:
Whites - @Jass :butterfly:
Yukon - @GlitterFist :butterfly:
Zuni - @Etherwalker :butterfly:


At least three sentences per post.
Anything after clothes will fade to black. (Unless you want to take over from there (as in @Megan you)
Censor swear words.
You may only have one character per person, for now. If you wish to have more than one character, let us know and we can tag you if we accept more than one character per person.
Please post all ORP’s on the signup thread.
No drama, please.
No god-modding.
All standard roleplaying rules apply.
You can not request an audience with the Prince, he will request you.
All of your characters’ rooms are on the second floor. Anyone caught on the third floor (royal chambers) will be sent home immediately.
No violence or sabotaging others. You will get kicked out, if caught .
If your character is sent home, please do not hate @Skyler2. She’s trying to make it as fair as possible and has nothing against you or your character.
If you are not able to be online and need time please PM me or Skyler otherwise after 3 days or so your character will be put up for adoption or removed from the competition

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A letter that every girl in Illea has recieved:

The recent census has confirmed that a single woman between the ages of sixteen and twenty currently resides in your home. We would like to make you aware of an upcoming opportunity to honor the great nation of Illéa. Our beloved prince, Austen Frinton-Smith is coming of age this month. As he ventures into this new part of his life, he hopes to move forward with a partner, to marry a true Daughter of Illéa . If your eligible daughter, sister, or charge is interested in possibly becoming the bride of Austen Frinton-Smith and the adored princess of Illéa, please fill out the enclosed form and return it to your local Province Services Office. One woman from each province will be drawn at random to meet the prince. Participants will be housed at the lovely Illéa Palace in Angeles for the duration of their stay. The families of each participant will be generously compensated for their service to the royal family.

Please RP from this point out. You can talk about them receiving the letter or you can skip all the way to when theyre name was announced on TV or you can skip to when they were leaving to the castle.
All up to you since this part isn’t the most interesting


:football: Payton :football:

We got the letter. The stupid letter that every girl seemed to die over. I didn’t get what was so special about the letter, because everyone 16-20 got one. “Pleaaaassseee fill it out!” cried Pasley. She was my little sister. She couldn’t wait until that letter came to her. She would do anything to get to the palace, and I seemed to be the easiest route. “Oh cmon Payton, please!” She said. “No! I told you I’m not filling it out!” I said back. No matter how hard she tried I wouldn’t fill it out.

Time skip to later that week. (Friday)

Supper rolled around and the letter had left the table. Finally Pasley had given up. We sat around the table talking about how our day was when my father spoke up. “Payton honey. Listen. I know you aren’t going to like this but…” he said looking at my mother. “We.” My mom said motioning to her and my father, “really think you should fill out that letter.” I couldn’t believe it! Why? “W-What?” I said back. “You need to learn to be more lady-like. I mean look at you! Right now your hair is a mess! You are on a football team for God’s sake. I mean it’s crazy!” I couldn’t believe my own ears. I thought they were supportive of me being different. I thought they were happy. I knew it didn’t make them the proudest parents, but I thought they were there for me. I stood up. “I can’t believe you just said that” and they called after me but I went up to my room and locked the door.

The report. I was still locked in my room from earlier that night, but I had a TV in room to watch it on. The Selection. I almost forgot. Thousands of girl were just waiting to hear their name. “Ugh.” I said. They called name after name and flashed a picture of them on the screen. They were all very beautiful. Now time for Hudson. Who would it be? I hoped it would be Alice from my school. “Payton Thomas.” they said as a picture of me came on the screen. WHAT?! They mist have gotten it wrong! I didn’t even submit! “PAYYYSLLEEEYYYY!” I yelled coming out of my room. I found her sitting on the couch smiling from ear to ear. “Explain.” I said. She told me the she filled it out for me. I couldn’t believe it.

So many people were at our house. I could barely register that it was getting closer for me to leave. When I got to pack my things I went to my room. I packed some pictures of my family, mostly of Pasley. I grabbed a few other things. I think that was it! Wait. I forgot. I grabbed my notebook and previous written books. “Just in case.” I whispered to myself.

And then I was off. Off to the jet that would take me to the castle! Ugh. Even saying it exited didn’t make it any more exciting.


𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓇𝓁𝑜𝓉𝓉𝑒 𝑀𝒾𝓁𝓁𝑒𝓇

5 ʜᴏᴜʀꜱ ᴇᴀʀʟɪᴇʀ

“It’s starting, it’s starting, it’s startingggggggg” the 8-year-old shrieked from the living room couch as she bounced her body up and down in excitement – her blonde hair cascading down the pink poka-dotted dress she wore topped off by a plastic crown. Charlotte would never understand where this energy or excitement came from – after all, all that would be released on television would be names of the girls competing in the selection. Though, who was she to crush the delight of her little sister. Charlotte would simply enjoy the mandated day off of work and school – taking a moment to catch up on some reading.

With another cry of her sister for her to “get her big butt over to the tv,” Char grabbed the popcorn she was making along with the drinks and plopped down next to the little girl on the couch with a slight roll of her eyes. Handing both her sister, Emma, and the live-in nanny, Abigail, some iced tea, Charlotte settled into her seat for the hour long snooze fest, opening up the book she had in her hands (which, thereafter, easily earned a glare from the other two in the room). In contrast to the little girl and even the nanny (who had become a close friend to the two over the past year), Char was dressed in only her PJs, indifferent to what would be said on the television.

Charlotte saw the whole affair of “The Selection” as an arrogant display of power – after all, the prince would likely just end up picking the wealthiest girl there, perhaps even another royal if they were “chosen.” Though, Charlotte wouldn’t crush this harsh truth to her little sister who seemed far too excited about the occurrence. So very excited that the little girl plopped the book Charlotte was reading right out of her hands and threw it across the room.

“Watch with me please,” Emma whispered, throwing in her puppy-dog eyes that the girl knew Char couldn’t resist, thereby resulting in Charlotte putting up her white flag as she responded with “alright you little deviant,” though not before throwing a popcorn kernel at the girl as payback for the book.

It seemed the names of the girls were going in order of province, starting from Allens, showing the name and picture of each girl chosen. After about the second one, however, Charlotte mentally stopped paying attention, though her little sister was on the edge of her seat – commenting how pretty each girl was or how royal they looked (well of course they’re “pretty,” the prince probably hand-picked who he wanted to fight over to be his wife and…)

“And next, from the province of Bonita – a word that easily describes this next individual – we have… Charlotte Miller”

Wait….what? At that moment, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. She saw her little sister jumping up and down, wrapping her up in a hug and Abagail grinning widely. “Please tell me you two didn’t,” she whispered shaking her head before stating “no, nope, not gonna happen,” as a knock reached the front door.


How the hell did she get here?

Charlotte scanned her surroundings as she exited the car, finding herself in the private airport owned by the royal family.

No, seriously, what cruel thing had she done in a past life that led her to this moment?

As she walked down towards the jet, the only thing she could hear was the screams of the hundreds of fans and paparazzi surrounding her. She couldn’t believe she agreed to this – a cumulation of her sister’s relentless begging, a contract that she “apparently” signed when submitting the application, and, what truly convinced her, the large compensation she would receive for simply participating – one that she could use towards her little sister’s college tuition.

Well… this would be an interesting few weeks.

ORP: APPROACHABLE – She’s just walking towards the jet so if someone wants to talk with her or bump into her.


:hibiscus: Fleur :hibiscus:

The big day
I walked into my room one last time. I looked at all my trophies and childhood pictures. I emotional touched my chest. “Aw!” I said while walking over to the drawer to pick up the picture.
I touched the photo gently.
“Fleur!” My Mom said.
I looked over to my door and saw her standing at the door frame.
“It’s time, sweetie.” She said happily.
I smiled at her.
“Yeah.” I said. I lightly placed the picture back on the drawer. I looked at it for a few seconds.
“I’m ready.” I said triumphantly.
My mom smiled and left the room. I quickly turned around and grabbed the photo frame and took it with me.
The ride to the town hall was nerve-wracking. I couldn’t believe that I will be representing the Likely Province in the Royal Palace. I felt different but in a good way. I glanced out of the window when the car stopped.
“Here we are.” My mom said while holding my hand tightly.
She smiled at me and quickly fixed my hair one last time.
“Aw. You look beautiful, as always.” She said.
I smiled.
“Thanks, Mom,” I said.

The car ride was longer than I expected but it was enough to think about what is happening in my life right now. I got the letter like any other girl from Likely but I never expected to come this far. I chose to represent Likely. I remembered the day it was announced on Live television.
My mom started to cry and my dad was happier than ever. It’s their daughter that will compete for the prince’s heart.

The car stopped in front of the plane. I opened the door and inhaled the fresh air.
But as soon as I stepped out of the Car people started to scream.
I quickly fixed my hair and straightened my dress I was so surprised that so many people came to see me depart.
“Uhm…hi!” I said shyly, tucking a strain of hair back.
“Are you excited?”
“Yeah…” I replied. I felt a little overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. I just continued walking…
I was never in my life so excited.



Abigail Martin :snowflake:

It was 4 in the morning, and I stood there, looking out of my window in my long and flowy off-white night robe. What I saw from my window looked beautiful, almost breathtaking. Even for me, someone who had this view since I was a baby, it didn’t stop being special. I loved looking out over the garden, which usually was topped with a layer of snow. This morning the snow looked as if it was glowing, sparkling, in the early morning lightning. At this time of the year, the sun would only set to rise five hours later. I adored the long days which the summer brought us. However, it was not common for me to be up around this hour already, in fact, today was more of an exception. Today was the start of possibly a new life, a new chance in life. I knew what I was getting into, and I knew the huge leap of faith I was taking, but that didn’t hold me back from feeling the fire burning inside. That fire was excitement, and I? I was more than ready to go. Well, there was only a whole bag to pack left, but mentally I couldn’t wait for another minute.

It took a few minutes before my mind didn’t wander off anymore and I realized I had to stop gazing out of the window. I walked away towards my closet, and I couldn’t stop the little jump of excitement halfway through. I started throwing clothes in my bag randomly. Clothes were something I didn’t care much about, sure I wanted to be comfortable and look good, but it had never been important to me. However, I packed one thing I cared about a lot, a yellowed and wrinkled picture. In that photograph was me with my parents, taken during the only time we went on a vacation as a family. I was still a little girl in it, but I needed to hold on to these childhood memories. Not only because my life had changed a lot since this picture was taken, but seeing this picture, it felt as if the times had never changed at all. Which gave me the comfort I longed for at this moment. I would be lying to myself if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I just needed to remind myself of why I applied for the selection in the first place. And let this picture be exactly that motivation I needed.

Not even ten minutes later my bag was fully packed, I put on a cozy and warm outfit, jeans with a pink sweater, and put on my faux-fur coat and knee-high boots, and opened the door to welcome in a freezing cold. I couldn’t leave without feeling the cold once more, it made me feel like I could breathe. I stepped outside and walked towards the forest nearby. When I got there everything was unrecognizable as trees or bushes, because it was hidden in a thick layer of pure white snow. Being all by myself in that environment, it made me feel like home. I loved the nature of Whites, I wondered how I would deal with that during the Selection. How would I settle into an environment that was so different from my own? I couldn’t stand hot weather, it made me feel itchy and far from at ease. But right there, that was one of my least concerns.

When I got home an hour later both my parents were up. ‘Hi sweety,’ was what my mom said as I walked in ‘did you manage to pack everything you need?’ I answered ‘Yes, I did.’ a few seconds passed before I asked ‘Mom, you know I am doing this for you?’ The smile on my mom’s face quickly changed into the worried expression I knew all too well. ‘Abbie, listen to me carefully, when you are gone’ she took a deep breath and hold my hands ‘I don’t want you to worry about me, you will have the experience of a lifetime and I want you to enjoy every second of it.’ Now, this was the cue for my dad to get involved in the conversation, and he spoke to me ‘Yes, mon chou, get out there and show yourself. I promise I will take good care of your mom, everything will be okay here, profitez cette experience d’une vie.’ I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the emotion and started tearing up. My mom walked towards me and gave me a hug, I whispered ‘I will miss you and dad’. She nodded, then she said that they would miss me too. and then pulled me even closer to her heart.

My eyes still a bit puffy from the tears, I dragged my suitcase to my dad’s car. My dad got in the car and we drove off. One might wonder why my mom wasn’t with us driving me off to the airport, but for me that wasn’t anything new. My mom had been mentally sick for the last 3 years. She took medication that significantly lowered her resistance, so she had to avoid crowded places at any cost. It was hard leaving my mom behind like that, all alone. I was also worried, because what if I, before I realized I had said these words out loud ‘What if mom isn’t here anymore when I get back?’ shocked by what I had said I stuttered softly ‘I-I didn’t mean to-to say that out-out loud’ My dad stayed as cold as usual ‘Mon chou, there is nothing wrong with expressing these thoughts. But, I would hate to see this holding you back.’ After which he turned on the music that made it clear the conversation was over. I knew I had touched him in many ways even if he didn’t show it.

A thirty minute drive later we reached the airport, after saying my goodbyes to my dad I checked in my bag and waited, waited for the plane that would bring me to the next face of life. It would be a challenge, I knew I would have to overcome many obstacles, but right here it felt like the moment I had been longing for was finally here. The Selection, here I come!



I walked out of the door of my house and was greeted by a lot of people. I looked at every single one of them and smiled softly. I swayed to the side to ask my mom something.
“Where’s Marlene?” I asked my mother.
She sighed.
“She couldn’t make it but we are here.” My mom said.
I forcefully smiled. I looked at the necklace my sister gave me on my 15 Birthday.
I remember her words when she gave me the necklace.
It’s mine and it will always be mine but I give it to you because I know that I will not always be there in person but I will be there… I imagined her soft smile while she gave it to me. She was a little sassy but she was my sister and I loved her to the moon and back.
“Adrienne! Focus.” My dad said with a strict voice.
“Yes, pappy.” I said.
I walked over to the car that was parked right in front.
I turned around to say my final goodbyes to not only my family but also a quarter of Hudsons citizens.
My mom gave me a tight hug.
“I will miss you, cherry.” She said.
I tried not to cry but the thought of not seeing my family for a long while was shattering. But I had to make them proud, I need to show them that it was no mistake that God gave them a daughter instead of a son. I hugged my Dad and sayed goodbye to my little puppy.
She looked at me with her head turned a little. “I will miss you the most.” I said chuckling. I quickly picked her up and cuddled her for a moment.
“Adrienne! It’s time.” My dad said. You might ask why my dad is always so moody. He is a man of authority, that’s what he told me at least.
People were still screaming and it kinda gave me a bad headache.
“Yeah, yeah bye.” I said while closing the car door. I let myself sink into the comfortable car seat.
I looked out of the window one last time waving at my parents and the people of Hudson.

The whole car ride was just a lot. I felt all kind of emotions. Fear, Happiness, Sadness.

The car slowly stopped in front of the plane.
“Here we are, madame.” The driver said.
One last time I looked at myself in the mirror.
I smiled at the mirror and opened the car door.
The loud continue after I got out of the car.
“Hey everyone.” I said smiling.
They were throwing flowers and everything I couldn’t figure out.
“Make Hudson proud!”
I couldn’t hear who said it bit I smirked and said, “I will.”



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:football: Payton :football:


I arrived at the plane. There were fans everywhere. I got out of the car and started walking through them. I couldn’t care less about them. “Payton!” I heard someone say. Then there was a little girl with a poster that had my name on it, with a marker in her hand. I couldn’t resist. “Hi there!” I smiled and took her pen. “This will be your someday!” I said winking at her as I walked away. There were some other girls that were walking, I didn’t pay much attention to them.


You could just approach her while walking to the plane.

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:musical_keyboard: Kendall :musical_keyboard:

I sat at the table with my mom and older sister hovering over my shoulder. “Would you stop that!” I laughed. “Oh come on! I never had this opportunity!” said my older sister. I closed the envelope. “Okay! Let’s send it in!” I said. I wasn’t happy that I was filling out the form. My mom and sister wanted it so badly, so I did it. And who knows? Maybe I’d get picked and get to wear the fancy ball gowns!

Time skip to report!

“Annnnd from Dakota… KENDALL ROSETTA!” I sat there looking at my picture. My jaw dropped. I was picked. My mom and sister bounced around me screaming. My dad just laughed.

Over the next week, our phone rang like crazy. People came to help me get ready, while others came to drop off flowers. But it all came to quick when I had to pack my bags. I brought my favorite piano sheet music, and I didn’t need any for guitar, I knew all those by heart. I grabbed some pen and paper to write my family. I said my fare Wells and hopped into the car that would take me away. I cried for my family, but quickly stopped so I didn’t ruin my makeup.

I walked down the path as I signed autographs and took pictures. I never thought that people actually would like me! It was insane. But eventually I hopped on the plane into an empty seat. Waiting for takeoff.

Approachable on the plane


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We were on the car ride to the airport.
I wasn’t nervous or something even though I didn’t expect to be chosen. My mom was there when she was at my age and she didn’t win. So why should I?
The car stopped but my mom couldn’t stop talking about how I should behave myself. Dress well, Take care of your hair and makeup, Be on time blah blah blah…
“Yes, Mom!” I said annoyed.
She gently touched my shoulder.
“Not yes Mom. Thank you, Mom, you should be saying. Ungrateful child.” She said while giving me a necklace I should try on.
“I don’t like that one.” I said while pushing it away. Its dark green with gold and it looked like something even my grandma wouldn’t wear.
“You don’t know anything, my child. Turn around.” She said while putting the necklace around my neck.
“Beautiful! Beautiful just like your mother.” She said while winking.
I shook my head and smiled a little.
My mom insisted on dropping me off at the airport. She wants everything to be perfect because she didn’t make it.

There were a lot of people.
“My, my…” My mom said.
“They all came for you…” She added.
I looked out of the window at the crowd that was forming.
Never in a million years have I thought I will ever end up here. I’ve heard of the Selection since I was 7 years old.
I opened my car doors and stepped out, my dress was moving with the wind.
“Thank you.” I said while smiling softly.
My mom came and gave me one last hug.
“Remember everything I told-” she tried to say but I cut her off.
“Yes, Mom.” I said. I stroked her back softly.
“Now go!” She said. I think she was about to cry but if I would have mentioned that she would have turned that into a lecture. And we didn’t have the time for that.
I walked over to the plane. People were still screaming and shouting but I ignored them. I just went straight ahead…


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5 hours earlier
I sit in front of the TV, praying that I will be chosen this year. I got up at the crack of dawn to make sure I didn’t miss this, and I looked like a mess. I had on sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt, with my hair in a messy bun and my glasses. I was drinking coffee and eating some fruit while intensely staring at our TV, waiting for the announcer to get to Calgary.
“Amina! Come do the dishes!” My oldest brother yells.
“Be quiet!! I’m watching the TV to see who was selected!!” I yell back
“It’s not like you’re actually going to get chosen.” I turn around to see my other brother leaning over the couch behind me, watching the program too.
“Oh shut up. I might, and then you’ll be jealous when I am in the castle.” I say in a mocking tone.
My mom comes over and sits down next to me, and gives me a tight hug.
“I believe it’s going to be you this year.”
“Yeah well, you said that last year mom.” My brother says while walking away.
“Ok everyone be quiet!! They are about to announce who won for Calgary!!”
I watch as the man on our screen takes the beautiful blue envelope with gold decorations on it and slowly open it. I close my eyes and say one last prayer, then open my eyes again.
“And the winner for Calgary is…” He flips open the card and reads “Amina Hayes
My heart stops for a second, and my mom drops her coffee cup, and we both sit there with our jaws dropped to the floor.
My oldest brother comes running out worried. “What happened!? What’s wrong?”
“I was… I-” I sit there in shock and then come back to reality “Holy sh*t!! I was chosen!! Oh my god!!!”

Present time
I was standing outside my door, with all I have packed in my suitcase, while I was waiting to be picked up to go to the palace. I was still in shock, and I look around me to see my mom, my two older brothers, and all my close friends saying goodbye to me. Pretty much everyone is in tears, and my mother is a mess. Then, the limo pulls up. I give everyone a hug, and I make promises to call constantly, and all that. Then I straighten my dress and head into the limo to go to the airport.
I see a girl when I get there, that was surrounded by paparazzi and fans. Definitely a caste two from somewhere. I don’t really follow any celebrities, so I didn’t know who it was. However, considering how I will be spending a few weeks or months with these girls, I should probably make some friends.
I head onto the private jet and introduce myself.
“Hey, I’m Amina, what province are you from?” I say this with a friendly smile, hoping that she doesn’t immediately realize what caste I am in and then not talk to me.


@BlondeGlassesGirl - Payton


:football: Payton :football:

I almost didn’t see her walk up to me. Ugh. Hopefully she wasn’t a b$tch. “Hi! I’m Payton. From Panama!” I said sticking my hand out for her to shake. I realized I was gonna need a friend to get through this. Hopefully someone could fulfill that need that wasn’t completely fake.

@Kat - Amina

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I reached the plane and waved over to the crowd one last time. I took my first step on the plane while holding my dress back. I saw a blonde girl sitting on her own. I walked over to her and took a seat next to her.
“Hey, I’m Adrienne.” I said smiling while extending my hand.

@BlondeGlassesGirl - Kendall



I wake up, and my phone is spazzing like crazy, and I look to see that I am getting hundreds of notifications. “What is going on?” I read one of the messages I received that says “Congratulations!! I hope you will win!” I was completely confused, what was I chosen to compete in? I head downstairs and see that my entire family was waiting for me with a giant buffet. My mom is in tears, and my dad and sisters look like they are going to explode with excitement. “Okay what is happening? I am so confused.”

“Do not tell me you slept in and missed it.” One of my sisters say.
“Missed what?”
“Oh my god. Come here.” My younger sister pulls me over to the computer and pulls up the video of this mornings selection.
I watch as the announcer opens the envelope and calls my name.
“OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!” I jump and hug my sisters, then my dad, and then my mom.
“I’ll help you pack!!” “Me too!” My sisters call.
“My baby.” My mom comes in for another hug.
“Mom I promise I will call all the time and tell you all about it.”

Before I know it, I am on the runway of the airport boarding the private jet to go to the palace. This was like a dream come true. I get on board and see another girl sitting on the sofa.
“Hey, is this seat taken?”
@glxwingAngel - Delilah


𝒜𝓂𝑒𝓁𝒾𝒶 𝐵𝓁𝒶𝓀𝑒:
5 ʜᴏᴜʀꜱ ᴇᴀʀʟɪᴇʀ

“It’s the perfect time, come on…” Amelia screamed, pulling her friend towards the clearing, laughter filling the air as she began running, her ukulele in tow. All of her friends and family had decided that it was the perfect time for a picnic, and Amelia couldn’t agree more. After all, school was closed for the day and she was determined to make the best of it. Though, even Lia couldn’t start without her best friend – who feigned sick so she could watch the Selection choosing. However, with a little coaxing, and promise that they would bring a crank stereo from her mother’s shop so they could listen who was chosen – they arrived. Fashionably late as always.

“Daddy, would you mind?” She asked her father, handing him the guitar as she took a seat on the ground. “Always,” he replied as he began strumming the guitar, and Amelia joined him with the vocals.

“Alright, Cassandra, I’m done so you can listen to the radio,” Lia laughed, grabbing a water bottle as she laid on the ground, watching the clouds as she strummed the ukulele she brought lightly.

“And next, we have the Province of Angeles…”

“We missed it…. Ameliaaaaa” her friend groaned. Lia was about to reply, though they were interrupted as a man dressed in a black suit walked up to where they sat. “I apologize for the disruption… Is there an Amelia Blake here?”


Stepping out of the car, Lia once again had her Ukulele strapped on her back and her song journal in her hands. It was the two things she truly couldn’t go anywhere without and she wouldn’t start now. Amelia Blake had a rule: she would never change for anyone except herself and the selection wouldn’t change that – hence the items.

“Hello people of Illea, how are we all doing today?,” Amelia screamed the moment she exited, facing the cameras and people who had gathered – a dimpled smile gracing her face. Lia had always oozed confidence, it had always been something that came naturally to her and this moment was no exception. Though, as much confidence as she had, she had, ironically, an equal amount of clumsiness. Fate was always a cruel mistress, after all.

It was this exact reason that she almost tripped over herself, and, although catching herself at the last moment, the book she had been tightly gripping flew out of her hand releasing pages and napkins filled with unfinished lyrics and music sheets to the wind.

“Motherforker” she screamed, grabbing the pages before they escaped her sight. Obtaining them all (or at least the ones she could find), Amelia headed onto the plane to grab a seat and get the pages back into order – the book becoming her number one concern.

“Excuse me, is anyone sitting next to you? My life’s work literally just flew away and I need to figure out what I just lost…” Amelia asked with a slight laugh to the girls sitting next to the first open seat she could find.

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:musical_keyboard: Kendall :musical_keyboard:

A girl sat beside me after a few minutes. “Hey I’m Kendall!” I said. I looked at her dress It was very pretty compared to my little red dress. “This is so crazy! Isn’t it?” I said.

@glxwingAngel - Adrienne


ORP: Adrienne just took the spot next to me so we can just say there are three seats and you took that third one. @benitz786 @glxwingAngel


She reached out her hand and I shook it. She seems nice, hopefully I’m not wrong.

“Nice to meet you Payton. God I am nervous, I didn’t even want to leave my family and I was thinking of turning this down, but they told me I had to do it. Are you nervous?” I can feel myself starting to panic and regret coming, and although it is an amazing experience, I can’t help but feel guilty for leaving my family behind.

@BlondeGlassesGirl - Payton


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I entered the jet and it seemed like I was the first one. Mom made sure of that I thought while smiling. I sat down on the sofa and looked around, there was a few drinks and appetizers. I let my head fall back.
“Hey, is this seat taken?”
I freezed and looked up.
“Yeah. I’m Delilah. And you?” I introduced myself.
I made a little space so that she can sit down.

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