⚔ The Ultimate Forum Battle! ⚔

I didn’t even propose. I’m over you. :expressionless:

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Sissy, are you really going to be so mean and disrespectful to your sister?

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mhm sure

ive said this too many times on this thread :joy:

lol, what kind of a question is that? obviously. :upside_down_face:

You’re very mean to your poor little sister.

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like u aren’t.


destroys random stuff of everyone here :eyes:

eats AS and lets in rain lava

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revives and drowns Nil in her own lava

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Throws @CerealKiller at Brenda @passionfruit :eyes::eyes:


Well damn

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i was wondering why i was tagged here :eyes:

eats everyone’s pasta

my pasta :scream:

steals my pasta back

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hides passie’s pasta

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Tiptoes back onto the site-
I love pasta.

raises army of ghosts using Ouija Board

Tags Aunt @Kiwi

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