Thoughts on medical dramas

There are a few medical dramas on television right. Some more famous ones include Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Med. What are your thoughts on medical dramas?

Some discussion questions:
Have you ever watched a medical drama?
If yes, which one(s)?
If no, would you? Why or why not?
What do you think makes a medical drama appealing?


Yes! Grey’s Anatomy, and I watched Private Practice (a spin-off of greys anatomy).
I think I’ve seen parts of some others (and maybe one that was canceled after a season) but I’m not sure what they were or how many.

The medical aspects personally. I just overall like them, but the medical aspects certainly gains my interest, and then the characters and plot lines of the show help keeps me interested.

I don’t think that I have watched a medical drama

I tend not to like drama shows, so probably not

The setting allows for a lot of good drama in and of itself and can set itself apart from other drama shows through that setting

theyre dumb but ive already watched 15 seasons of greys its too late to quit now

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My life is a medical drama.

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I personally cant watch medical dramas bc I gag way too easily :sob: It will make me sick if I see anything surgery wise and etc. So I dont like them :sob:

how ab you @ Discussions?



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Idk, I’m huge for melodrama but I haven’t watched any


theres so much going on in their personal lives and the surgeries so ur kinda involved in random people living as well as the characters

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