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So I have an interview Thursday for a fast food restaurant as I’m 15 and want to make money while building up experience but this is my first interview and I have no clue how to prepare. 🥲 I don’t know how to prepare myself for on the spot answers to questions I prolly won’t expect so if y’all who work and have went through interviews for jobs similar that have an idea of what might happen or what they might ask and how to prepare, I’d love to hear from you. Also if anyone else maybe not able to throw tips on the actual interview that could maybe tip me on how not to sound or look nervous or socially awkward or just awkward in general that would be lovely as well.

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So to prepare answers to the questions try to do some research about the actual job itself, is there a job description available? A person specification? Because those will give you some indication as to what you will be asked :blush: arrive early, if they offer you a drink say yes (it will actually help calm your nerves) prepare some questions that you want to ask them because that will make you appear keen on the job but if you really can’t think of any then when they ask if you have some just say something like “I think you have covered everything”


Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

With that being said, how do I answer questions without blabbing for too long or just not say extra stuff out of nervousness? :sweat_smile: Do they look at that when I’m just 15 when I’m trying to apply as like da cleaning people and da drive through thingy? :joy:


You prepare and rehearse the answers in your head obviously you can’t predict exactly what you will be asked but you can have some pretty good estimated guesses!

Also they will expect you to be nervous so try not to worry


I’m not experienced but maybe I can give you some tips
. Try not to be nervous and arrive early
.Try to research about the job a bit
.Introduce yourself confidently and talk about the job from you pov and give them a good first impression , it’s better that you practice a bit before going there
. Don’t break the eye contact and answer the questions confidently in case you don’t know what to say tell to move on with other questions politely.
.if they ask why you want to do a job at this age , Try to explain the reasons to the point without beating around the bush
. Practice and research as much as you can , cause it’ll not only give you confidence but also help in securing that job for you

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