Unpopular (random) opinions based on film or TV shows

Wait not all of the episodes are out yet over their???

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No, otherwise I would have finished it all straight away :sweat: it’s very annoying… I think I’m going to check the quality of the episodes on Putlocker and if it’s good I’ll watch them all on there.

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Omg that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! (Not you just the fact not all of them are out for you)

That is sooo sad.

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Yeah I knoww, I may have to use the Putlocker but the quality is not that good ):


Oh, well, one for me is that I really do love Friends. The reason I think it’s unpopular is 'cause it seems to be on here. That’s not to say that I ever liked Ross, or even Ross and Rachel, but I loved the show. I know it’s gets repeated and repeated, however, this is sadly one naughty addiction that I can’t help but enjoy watching.

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The Dark Swan (Emma) in season 5 of OUAT had so much more potential!
I never liked Hook
Regina should’ve stayed evil. I love villains
I acttually liked season 4
Evil Snow White would’ve been interesting
Season 7 doesn’t exist to me

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I like Frozen 2!

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I never watched it

I still haven’t watched it, I really should.

Go watch it

gets out the duct tape

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why the duct tape
I’m scared

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O.O runs

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I haven’t seen it either…

bojack horseman is rlly good

It’s on my watch list

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It’s spelled Kenan, but I agree with you! I watch them almost every day! Same with Drake and Josh!

I grew up watching Victorious on DVD and LOVED it! Then I watched it on TV and loved it even more!:blush: But now I only tape certain episode (reruns) on my list (I still love the show though)

I’ve never heard of that third show, but I agree with you on the first two! My favorite skit on the old All That was the Ashley one where she read the letters and gave advice😂

I watched ALL of these shows as a little kid! Especially The Backyardigans, Yo Gabba Gabba, and my favorite: The Fresh Beat Band!:smile: (I have a lot more favorite childhood shows that I watched, but that’s all you’ll hear from me)

  • I’ve never been a fan of the movie Grease.
  • The Notebook is very overrated.
  • Even if a movie is a cliche romance, even a romance that’s problematic in some ways, it can still be really enjoyable.

Yes! I completely agree with this! The books are so much better, and the movies aren’t anywhere near as accurate as they should be, but the Percy Jackson movies are actually fairly decent and enjoyable.

Yes!!! 100% :clap: :clap:
I never understood the hype, to be honest. From what I remember, the main couple spent a lot of time either fighting or apart.

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Just moved the chat we’re having to here. Not sure this one is an unpopular opinion but many to like the show, so it must be. HAHA.

No I didn’t. Going to look for it.

HAHAHA! I mean, he’s not unattractive, I guess. Yeah, he did suit that look though, agree there.

HAHAHA. Did you see Noel as a blonde a year or two ago?

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In the first season? Where he was a blond with black highlights? Yes, that wasn’t a favorite look of mine, Noel looked better as Richmond in my opinion, not my cup of tea

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