Weekly Poll~ 22/03/2020

It’s time for the WEEKLY POLL

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And the theme is… Isolation sucks

So guys, what will you be doing to entertain yourselves as we all slowly die from boredom in isolation? :smiley_cat:

  • Watching Movies :tv:
  • Spamming the forum :smiling_imp:
  • Reading :open_book:
  • Drawing :pencil2:
  • Online classes :desktop_computer:
  • Learning a language :brain:
  • Catching up on sleep :sleeping:
  • Board games! :dollar: :game_die:
  • Dying of Boredom :skull:
  • Other (comment!) :woozy_face:

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  • Writing my story

  • Checking my students’ work

  • Swimming

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  • playing bass
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Closed due to inactivity :black_heart: