Weekly Poll 27/9/2020 - Sleeping Positions

Hello again, forum family,

Thanks to everyone who voted on last week’s poll!
It seems that the majority of forumers love all forms of art! (wink)

This week’s poll will be about sleep.
When you go to sleep, in which position do you sleep in on average?

  • On your back
  • On your left side
  • On your right side
  • On your stomach
  • A mix between your stomach & side
  • Another answer (share below)

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Feel free to create polls and discuss sleeping positions below! (wink)



I sleep on my right side and any other side is wrong (imo)


It depends. Sometimes I’m on my right side, sometimes I’m on my left. I tend to initially fall asleep on my right, but I will flip over at least once during the night typically. It also depends where I’m sleeping, because if I’m on the couch I’ll usually be on my left side.


On both of my sides, I’m always changing what one:))))

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It depends

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Hey, any more votes or @Discussions on sleeping?


I sleep on both sides.

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Any last votes, @Discussions?

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I sleep on both my left and right side.
I just don’t get how people can sleep on their stomachs.

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Why not?

Because it crushes my breasts and if my face is down on the pillow, it feels suffocating to me.



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Interesting. I wonder if anyone here sleeps flat on their face

It seems that on average the majority of forumers sleep on a mix between their stomach & side! (wink)

The next poll can be found here.

Week is over & next poll has been posted already :eyes::sparkles::green_heart: