What are your favourite/least-favourite names for characters?

  • What names do you find yourself using too much in your stories?
  • Are there any names you absolutely can’t stand?
  • What about cliche names?
  • Are there any names you like that are considered “cliche”?
  • When you name your characters, do you consider the meaning behind the name, or do you name them randomly?




I consider it based on it’s cutenessness

Darcy is such an annoying name



  • Brody. I don’t know why but I hate that name.

  • Wren- It’s that darn silent ‘W’ at the beginning and the fact that it’s a bird name, because I’m fine with ‘Ren’.

  • John, Bob. Bill - Boring old man names

There are some cliche names that still sound nice to me even though they are overused. But overused and not even cool names? That’s a hard ‘NO’ from me.

I like Mia and Emma, but they might be considered cliche

It depends on their personality and if the same seems to fit. Sometimes, I pick one that reminds me of the person the character is based on, or even their name. Other times, I research a name that sounds nice from the character’s culture.

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Gwen, Brie, Edith… :eyes::new_moon::dizzy:

Maybe, but I can’t really think of anything right meow… :sweat_smile::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

Well, they’re just names. :no_mouth::new_moon::dizzy:

I don’t think so, but mlemybe.

I always consider the meaning, unless I am bored. :joy::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

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Why did this make my laugh so much? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Same here!

Bump. :sunflower:

Are there any names that you love, and tend to include in your stories? Any names that you just don’t like?

i usually love to give my mc an unusual or unisex name as i feel like then it kinda makes them have a bit more personality rather then being the basic white bitch called madison.

Just an example no offence to the madisons of the world

The mc in my story is a girl called Aiden.
And the other characters are called:
Jake (fun fact: i only named one of the characters Jake so i could make brooklyn 99 references😂)
also Kevin :joy::joy:

For males I use names with J a lot :joy: I’ve noticed that some time ago and try changing it but I like those names for my MCs

No, not really. There are no names that I’ve heard too often or anything. I just don’t like it when a character has the same name as me :sweat_smile:

No, I can’t think of any right now so I think there are none for me.

Depends on the story. If the names are important in the story, I really think about them and look up their meaning. But if I just need a name for some background characters that only appear once in the story, I don’t really care

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Ma top-


Rosanna (I pronounce it Rosie-Anna)

Oops! I just realized I read that WRONG.
I thought it said: Are there any names that you consider cliche?? I skipped the like part.
I DO NOT like the names Brody and Ryder…
Taylor, Liam, and Ava are okay, but they aren’t my favorites

Oh, but names I LIKE that are considered cliche:
Mia, Emma, maybe?

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I try and give everyone unique names, but I bet I’ve named male characters the same name across various stories.

Yes,although I can’t think of anything

I don’t really think there are any cliche names except for like… Axel.

Yes :sunglasses: some of both

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Ajax is no