What books would make good RPs?

So, there are a lot of movie/show-based RPs- X-Men, AYTO, and Gravity Falls being some off the top of my head. But are there any books that you think would make good RPs? Which ones would you be interested in making?

MPHFPC, definitely.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children?

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I just use the abbreviation because I don’t feel like typing that out

Hunger games
Harry Potter

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Ooh we need this! :star_struck:

Maybe Ready Player One (the in-game story), but that might be hard to pull off, honestly :thinking:

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I knowwwww! Sadly, the last Rp I made didn’t even happen.

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Hmmmm…Harry Potter?

I kind of think it’s overused? Or maybe that’s just me but still I think it would make a good RP with the right twist :eyes:

Probably all of the dystopian books! Kinda want to see a Mortal Engines-inspired RP but that would be hard oof-

Divergent and The Hunger Games would be cool…