What do you guys think?

What do readers find in a story? What do you guys find in a story?


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What do you mean by “find” :grin:

Well, what excites the readers :sweat_smile: making them want to read the story again.


For me? Good characterisation. I don’t care how good the story idea is. If the cast is full of Mary Sues and 2D plot devices, I get bored


Hmmm, okay. :thinking:

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Full CC

Choices/choices that matter

Modest clothing(tht isnt cuz they wear a hijab…thts the only time ppl seem to “care”)

Characters that have personality(like all the characters from infected)

If there are Parents they look like me(no ashy lips or blond/brown hair)(no offense to ppl who look like tht)

Absolutely no art scenes by that i mean i hate art scenes(no disrespect to the ppl who draw them)


I mean I don’t hate art scenes but sometimes they just put way too many :joy:


Flashback Friday vs The Enchantress
In Flashback Friday, the author puts in art at tasteful moments when it doesn’t interfere with anything that’s going on.
In The Enchantress, there’s like 17 art scenes per chapter that don’t add anything to the plot and ugh i mean its cute but
Nice art does not make ur story more interesting :sneezing_face::joy:

-sls, who uses a lot of art and is not interesting


No. I’m always too tempted to make my characters look like aliens. I really have no self control :joy:

I actually like it when a Mary Sue is surrounded by wonderful and unbelievable things going on around them :joy: like harry potter when he was 11

At that point he wasn’t really intresting as a person (because he was 11 :skull:) but everything else happening in the book and how he managed to stay so calm and normal the whole time had me dead :skull:

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Harry Potter isn’t a Mary Sue, though haha. If anyone is, it’s hermione from the films. He has lots of flaws!


Harry Potter was an 11 year old Mary Sue to me :joy:

His situation was nothing but Mary but he was just Sue until the whole second book

I didnt think Hermione was a Mary Sue, she was just boring as a person.

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Plot is the biggest for me. It has to be engaging and have unique twists in it. Otherwise the plot becomes bland. I like some romance in stories I read as long as it’s mixed into the plot and not just thrown in there to make a twist. Grammar is another thing. Sometimes I can ignore it other times not so much.

I don’t like Hermione, and probably never will

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Hermione in the books is flawed though, I think the films could have done a better job in showing that even if they had just added a few extra scenes showing how her close mindedness was often incredibly counter productive.

I really enjoyed the character developments of every Harry Potter character, that’s what I look for in a story.

That’s what I mean! She’s great in the books because of her flaws! Like take how in the books, when Ron is captured by Devil’s Snare, she freezes up. In the film, she knows what to do straight away. They just completely Mary Sued her

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