What do you guys want in the RP section?

What do you guys want to see in the RP section? Suggestions, comments, ideas opinions on how things are or how you want things in the future to be!



Less writing tests. I feel like it excludes people, and how will you ever get better at rping if you an’t get into any?

Also its really disencouraging to fail the test, no matter how much its sugarcoated


Hmm, true. This has come up a few times. But also, RP tests ensure that those who participates in the RP are of the skill level they want and need. CHB has a writing test and I do offer help if they fail it. My other RPs don’t because their open to mistakes but CHB is an advanced RP so I kinda keep it there.


wow ok yes


Its also a way to exclude those who are newer to role-playing and less experienced., I know that must feel bad but there’s never been an RP owner I’ve met who didn’t let someone retry later on when they improve.


More :clap:t4: positivity :clap:t4:


More simple role plays, you know? There’s a lot of complex role plays with a lot of aspects and reading :sweat_smile:


I’d like more slower paced RPs with longer posts. Also, more rp ideas that aren’t just like high school stuff


Odd one but I wanna see more mystery and thriller/noir RPs. Not just ones that take place in school lol


Writing tests can still be a good thing as Ani said. The only time I have an issue with writing tests, is when someone is not accepted but not given feedback as to why and how they could improve for the next time.


i honestly think that there shouldn’t be writing tests at all now that you say that

in my rp (ssh), the form asks for a sample but it’s just to get to know your character better before starting

i think that should be more of a thing bcos everyone deserves the chance to improve nmw and ACTUALLY just by seeing the quotes on chat pms and stuff can get you to read other peoples posts which you can learn from

the point of running an rp is to have a space for people to improve their writing so like it loses alot of purpose when everyone there is a YA author


I’m okay with writing tests, but I don’t think that they should be too common. I think that letting people meet new people. I think that there are a lot of roleplays have a ton of characters and are really intimidating for new players.


More people and more rps!
Don’t let this die🥺


I just want RP which involves elimination, like reality tv.


You can also notice a correlation between those who have writing tests and those who have a large amount of characters due to a large amount of advanced and medium role-players. Writing tests are for RPs where the owner wants them to last and to be written close to a storybook, with posts and people who understand what’s happening. RP owners also have roleplays where there are less-experienced to roleplay where many people also roleplay. So, it’s really just a question: do you want advanced RPers with long posts and a good handle of RPing or is your RP open to anyone who walks in?


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Is there anything specific anyone has in mind of what they would like to see for the section itself?

What types of RPs and/or SGs would you want to see more of?
Are there certain genres or plot lines you would like to see? RPs that are more plot focused with a lot more involvement for the characters/creator, or simpler with less to worry about?

What types of guides and tips or help would you like to see?

What types of RP or SG topics would you be interested in discussing?

What can be added/changed in this section to help make your experience better?

And don’t mind me fixing the grammar error in the title!


What about a section for 1x1 rp’s?
People can read and see but it’s clear they can’t join. However, it will help make the forum more active again and sometimes 1x1 rp’s can be really active and well made but will never see the light of day


We’d love to know anything more you guys would like to have in the rp section, as this section really is only as good as the satisfaction of its @RPers. This is why we now have a form for any feedback you wish to submit anonymously. Of course, you can continue submitting feedback to this thread as well, but we do now have a form for you to utilize, and we encourage you to use it!

If you can’t think of anything but know there is something you want changed, Brooke asked some really good questions to get your mind thinking more specific:


I don’t know if I’m answering the right question with this, and it may just be a personal pet peeve, but would there be a way to get rid of the little “You’ve responded to this person too much” message while writing RP posts?