What do you think of Episode artwork / episode style art?

So I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed feeling about Episode art. I know there are a lot of people who like the actual art but don’t want to be associated with episode so therefore make their art a different style.
But what do you think about the actual art? I think episode is very well done for art but I want a load of opinions.


I think their art is tubular, love it!

I think that most edits/episode inspired art styles look better than the original episode art style :eyes::sparkles:



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As someone who had been around on Episode since Classic was the only style, I have say that Episode has improved significantly over the years. And although I was using LL back in June, I do think I still prefer the look of INK.

But I think that Episode is lacking, to be honest. It’s only through being exposed to it on a regular basis that I could even think that it’s ok. In terms of the quality, there are a lot of story apps out there with styles that are better – in terms of expressing emotion in particular.

What do I mean by that? Well @ChaoticDeluge explains this better, so I tagged him, but I’ll try to explain.

LL focusses too much on being pretty (although it’s not that pretty if you consider that some of the features look like the character is side on and others look like the character is facing the camera – and I get why they do that, but it’s still awkward and you can just do stage side-on if you wanted to achieve that).

When they focus this much on being pretty, the style loses its primary function: to look good in motion. So what ends up happening is that all of the LL animations look super subdued, which doesn’t work for a lot of the stories out there.

I mean, they have a horror genre, but the shocked, scared face is more like :hushed: than :scream:. It just doesn’t really work. Compare that to INK where everything was much bigger? It made more sense


When I first saw ink, I was just like “ewww” cause it looked horrible to me, but then after a while playing it looked really nice. I think it looks better the more you stare at it tbh.

Episode art isn’t great, like its not. The actual art doesn’t look good. You need to abstract it in your mind before it starts actually looking artistically sound. The most egregious thing to me is that it’s supposedly ‘animation’. Don’t make me laugh. The extremely rudimentary limb rigging used in Episode isn’t animation. Not to mention the characters arguably look worse in motion a lot of the time.

I would join the argument of which style is better but I personally don’t think any of them are any good. At least ink had some semblance of style. I could probably do more to make classic look good though, if I were to draw an episode character. Because limelight is a goddamned mess.

But it’s a free (lol, barely) app aimed at 13 year-olds, so they can get away with minimal effort. The only teen I know who was super pendatic about the visual quality of games and shows he watched was me. So I don’t think their user base actually cares about aesthetic quality all that much


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I like it.

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It depends on the style. :purple_heart: :butterfly:

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I think that most artist could draw much better things if they weren’t so focused on episode… After not playing episode for some time the art styles look even weirder than before to me :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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