What is the best reason to quit a job?

The best reason to quit a job would probably be if you’re offered a better job that you would rather have and that job would work better for you than your current one.

@Discussions what do you guys think?


I only quit a job once and that was because they were very unreasonable and weren’t considered towards us. This was promoting products in stores and stations (you know those people who give out free samples)

My 10/10 deserved reason I quit my job.

For me the last straw was when they had send my material to the wrong store (there were two of the same supermarkets in the same street but it was a long street in Amsterdam so they told me to get it myself.



not to mention one of the crates contained a button people had to press so it was long and was sticking out which lead to it hitting my ankle every step I took.

I then arrived, asked the store where they kept the product I was supposed to promote (because in my job description it said I had to use the products from the store (because it was alcohol-related the product wasn’t going to be sampled)), I got told they DON’T SELL THE DANG PRODUCT.

So I call back to work, they tell me to wait, then tell me I was just allowed to go home, SO I PUSHED THAT STUPID CAR FOR NOTHING, AND HAD BRUISED ANKLES TO ADD TO THAT.
The thing was, I was suppose to do the same promotion the next day as well on that location.

They made me back-up so the next day I was waiting on Amsterdam Central (which is 50 min with the train from my house may I add) and after 10 min, I got a call that no one was called in sick so I was allowed to go home and would only be paid 2 hours.


I second this reason, El. A better is definitely a good reason.

A bad reason is that middle management are rude and unprofessional.

I still stand by what I said in the OP! But I’d love to hear more opinions! @Discussions

What do you think is the best reason?
If you have quit multiple jobs what was the best reason out of all of them?

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I still maintain that middle management are @rseholes and make an employee’s life a living hell. I’m pretty sure @WolfGamerGirl37 would agree with this!!!

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Oh yeah, most definitely! The deli manager is on my sh!t list right now because of yesterday. She was working on backroom count when the line of customers kept growing for me. It literally got up to 6 people then Joe the other closer jumped in to help instead of her. I was so angry about it yesterday.

I would say the best reason would be if you have no motivation to work in the workplace anymore. Once you lose that motivation it’s hard to come back from. There were multiple times I wanted to quit my job over the past 5 years.

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DAMN! She seems to be lacking a certain amount of customer service common sense.

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Yep! It’s not the first time she has done that either. I was able to switch to bakery today. So, I didn’t have to deal with her not being on top of things basically.

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That’s good. Let’s hope you can do that every day she works.

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Yep, that’s something I’m going to hope for. I will be on vacation next week which will be wonderful starting on Saturday.

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OMG! That’s super exciting. For just the week?

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Yep, we get a week-long vacation to use. I have two but I put them about 6 months apart usually.


Ngl, when you get severely underpaid. You can do something you love, but the company should also value you for what you’re worth.

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OMG so I’ve only quit on the spot once but this was because idk if you would call them racist because I would say that at the beginning everything was smooth and okay… but anyways so I worked at a pediatric office and the people who owned the office/manager where Muslim. I’m Hispanic and my colleagues were Hispanic too. We tended to have conversations in our language (Spanish) when it was just me and my colleagues alone but for some reason they loved to include themselvesss. They will tell us to speak ENGLISH. :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: Yet we had Hispanic patients come in all the time so it’s kinda like wtf yk. And also they spoke in their language in front of us but we couldn’t say anything about it. One time one of my colleagues spoke up for us and she got fired the next day soooo I quit the next day cause I was done and I still remember till this day how they said I wouldn’t get another better job because I quit just like that but LET ME TELL YOUUU. The job I have now is so much better and such a blessing pay.

Lol sorry for my little rant but this thread just reminded me of that horrific job :sweat_smile:

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Yes, this. ^^^

But also, for me, you have to do what you love. You have to enjoy the work.

Well, COVID started. I worked at a geriatric facility.